Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'm Pooped!

I watched a movie on Netflix last night called “The Core”. It was pretty good. It was about the core in the center of the earth stopping which meant “the end of the world”, so these professor, an astronaut, some other intellects decided to go through the earth’s crust, down into the core and restart it with explosions.
Since it was Sunday, as usual, we stayed in bed until 8 am this morning. I usually watch “CBS Sunday Morning”, but this morning I fell asleep and missed most of it, which made me mad because it was Charles Osgood’s last day on the show and they were celebrating him.
After eating a bowl of cereal, I started do some housework. From 8:30 am until 11:30 am, I was non-stop. Mopped my floors, vacuuming the carpet, washing my sheets and towels. Also decided to wash my bathmats. I also changed from my summer comforter on my bed to my winter comforter, even though it’s still warm here. I usually change my comforter twice a year…in the spring and in the fall. So I also had to wash my winter comforter. Also decided to wash my bathmats. I put clean sheets on the bed with the winter comforter and the finally sat down. I was pooped!

After all was done, I had some soup and a salad for lunch. Watched the Dodger game. Today is Vin Scully’s last day of announcing the Dodger games. It was so cool how each Dodger player saluted him in the booth as they came up to the plate their first time today. I will miss hearing Vinnie call the games. I’ve listened to him all my life. He can describe the game so well that a blind person can picture it in their mind.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Friday!

We got up early this morning to go for a dog walk with Jean. It was only 47° at 6 am when we got up, but by the time we left for the walk, it had gone up to 52°. I actually wore sweat pants instead of shorts. We let the dogs play for a while and then Jean headed home.
I made some eggs for Hiker and myself and then Jean called and wanted me to go to the Dollar Tree store with her. We actually ended up going to all 3 Dollar Stores in the Santa Clarita Valley.
I put up a few fall outdoor decorations then settled down to watch a little TV. Still haven’t done the housework I need to do. I’ll have to force myself to do it this weekend.
After lunch, my neighbor/friend Christiane called me and said she just received the new Windows 10 Anniversary update, so she wanted me to come over and make sure everything downloaded and installed properly.

Was nice here temperature-wise all day, but supposed to get really hot this weekend. They are saying it will be in the 90’s at the beach and in the 100’s here inland.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day Of Fall

So I started watching “Designated Survivor” last night. I liked what I saw, but I fell asleep the last 10 or 15 minutes of the show, so I missed the end of it. If anyone watched it, you can email me or FB message me and let me know what happened at the end. I think I got as when the Iranian ships were heading “somewhere” and the military guy wanted to attack them and the new president didn’t want to do that.
I was having some kind of crazy dream when Hiker woke me up this morning. As usual, I was out “searching” for something so I felt exhausted when I woke up.
Hiker and I went out for a morning walk. The weather was nice. Cool and totally overcast. Perfect for the first day of Fall. However, the weather is going to change this weekend and it is going to be in the 100’s Sunday and Monday. Will it ever stop?
When Hiker and I got back home from our walk, we got in the car and went to get my lottery tickets and when we got back, I put a few Fall decorations out on my porch and in the front yard. I was going to put some Fall themed magnets on my garage door, but the ones I had from last year were so faded, they had no color to them, so I tossed them in the trash. I got them at the Dollar Tree, so it’s no big deal.
I need to get myself into a “house cleaning” mood this weekend. I have some cleaning that absolutely must get done.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aftermath Of The Sand Fire In Canyon Country, CA The Last 2 Weeks of July 2016

The last 2 weeks of July 2016, the valley where I live was covered with smoke and falling ash from the huge Sand Fire (the name CalFire gave to the brush fire). For several days, the fire raged in the canyons around the Santa Clarita Valley. It came as close as 7 miles from my home. I could see the flames and watch the aerial attack on the fire from my front porch.

My dog Hiker and I love to hike the Placerita Canyon Trail in the Placerita Canyon State Park when the weather is cooler. It is beautiful there. In the spring it is lush and green with huge old oak trees and when we have rain, there is a babbling creek running along-side the trail.

Below is how the Canyon Trail looked when Hiker and I were there in February 2016.

Here are photos of the fire when it first started a couple of weeks ago.

Day 1:

Day 2:

On Day 3, the fire was only 7 miles from my home. It had grown very large.

Later on Day 3, the fire fighters attack the fire from the air with planes and helicopters.

After the attack, it seemed that they had gotten this part of the fire under control.

The fire burned in the Angeles National Forest for about 2 weeks. Thankfully, they had it 100% contained as of yesterday.

Today, Hiker and I drove along Placerita Canyon Road. The park is closed do to the damage caused by the Sand Fire. I took photos along the way to show the destruction.

This is what the canyon looked like as we drove through.

 It will be a long time before Mother Nature brings this area back to the way it looked not long ago, but one day it will be lush again.