Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Day Of 2013

Was a little more chilly this morning when Hiker and I got up. I had my Grief Support Group today so I had to get up and get ready to go. Had a really nice session. Today was our therapist's birthday so we sang to her and we had some homemade cup cakes that one of the members made. After group seven of us ladies went over to the pizza parlor for lunch and as usual had a great time. We talk about the darnedest things (LOL). On my way to group this morning, I had stopped by our community office to pick up a calendar. One of our residents is a loan officer and she is the person who helped Ben and I refinance our home back in 2001. She always has the coolest calendars made for advertising and she usually hands them out at our community Christmas party, but we didn't have a party this year because our community manager broke her foot. Our manager is also my neighbor (Chris) and she “warned” me that her oldest son was throwing a New Years Eve party tonight. She has some pretty good kids, so I'm OK with that. Although I'll have to make sure I close my bedroom door so Hiker doesn't run into the front of the house and bark all evening. I had picked up a calendar for Jean, my other neighbor, so when I got home from my group/lunch, I took the calendar up to her house and visited for a few minutes. Hiker loves going to her house to visit Jean's dogs, plus there are always treats and other goodies there.

Hope everyone stays SAFE this New Years Eve.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost New Years

Up early this morning to go on a dog walk with Jean. After she left, I had to do some housework. I do a lot of my housework on weekends because I want my week days clear in case I want to go hiking or shopping. I prefer the week days because there are less people out then. I needed to wash my sheets and towels and vacuum Hiker's hair out of the carpet. I was also going to mop my floors, but I got too tired doing the other work so decided to do the floors another day. I have to remind myself that I'm not the “spark plug” kid I used to be who used to do the laundry, clean the house, mow and rake the lawn all in one day and that was when I was working full time at Lockheed. After lunch I paid some bills online and then Hiker and I walked down to our community office so I could drop off my monthly land lease payment. Marcie was out to lunch, so just had to drop it off in the mail slot. Very warm outside...around 80°.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nice Day

I let Keith sleep in a little this morning. Hiker was at his door around 7 am trying to get him to wake up and play with her. We had some breakfast and then headed up to Vasquez Rocks to do a short hike. Keith loves going there and so does Hiker. It was very windy there but still a lot of people there exploring. Came back home and had lunch and the Keith and I headed out to hit a few of the stores in town before he heads for home later this evening. Our brother Ron emailed me that he was feeling much better today. He said he slept very well last night and that his blood pressure and his heart rate were normal today. He had all of us a little worried yesterday. After lunch, Keith and I did a little driving around. We were looking for the location of two restaurants here in town. Found one of them but not the other.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Scary Day That Ended Well

Got up just before 7 am this morning. Around 8:30 am I got a call from my older brother Ron. He was calling from the hospital. He called 911 around 5:30 am to come and get him as he was feeling dizzy, weak, clammy and had the chills. He said they ran all kinds of tests on him...EKG, CT Scan, blood work, etc. He said one doctor came in, took a look at him and said he looked very dehydrated. His B/P was not bad and he didn't sound too bad but I know he is scared. He said his cell phone battery was low so he asked me to contact his son Matt who also lives in Paradise, so I did. Matt called the hospital and they said there was no one by that name registered there so I told Matt to go to ER and they would know where he was. I'm guess he is still in ER because the last I heard from Matt around 1 pm was that he was waiting for the nurse to find out if it was OK for him to go back and be with his dad. I also contacted Ron's daughter Darrah who lives in northern Nevada. She is very scared so I told her that either Matt or I would call her when we find out what is going on. Keith got here a little after 10 am and I told him what was going on. He and I later went out for lunch. Matt texted around 1:45 saying all the tests are coming back OK and Ron is hungry, so that is a good sign. I called Darrah and told her what Matt told me. Keith, Hiker and I went for a drive in the car and just before 3 pm, Matt texted me and said that the hospital was releasing Ron. I'll probably talk to him later this evening.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Beautiful Day

Got up at 6 am this morning as we had a dog walk/play date with Jean and her dogs. It was 38° on my patio at that time. Don't think there will be a hike today. We pretty much “hiked ourselves out” after doing three hikes in the past 5 days. I'm made some fudge today. Keith is coming up from Orange this weekend and I didn't make the fudge before Christmas because I knew he would not be coming until after Christmas. Since he's working again, he will only be able to stay the weekend instead of the 5 days he was staying before. Hiker and I went for a walk after lunch. It was 80° while we were out. We usually have nice weather during the holidays but not usually this hot.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another Day....Another Hike

Hiker woke me up a little later than normal this morning, but we still went back to bed for awhile as the bed felt so good. After breakfast, we headed out to get my lottery tickets and then back home where I had to do a little housework (YUCK). It was warm again this morning and got up into the mid 70s by noon. Watched a little TV and then Hiker and I went out for another hike. The weather has been so nice the past few days that we just could not stay inside sitting on our butts all day. We headed over to Towsley Canyon and hiked up into the Narrows. There were a lot of people out hiking as many people still have not gone back to work. When we were coming out of Towsley Canyon I could see Interstate 5 and it was stopped bumper to bumper as it was merging into the I5/14 Interchange. Guess a lot of people are returning from their Christmas trips.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Didn't get much sleep last night as the 2 dogs that live behind me started barking around 9:30 pm and did not stop until after 3 am. Maybe they were barking at Santa (LOL). I'm guessing the people who live there were not home or else they were deaf and didn't care that the dogs were keeping everyone in the neighborhood awake. I let Hiker outside at 6 am to go potty and when she came back in, I went back to bed while she, or so I thought, was in the front of the house sleeping. Just before 8 am I woke up and I rolled over to find her on the pillow next to my head staring at me. What a surprise that was. Then she started kissing me and jumping all over me, so we got up and had some breakfast. It was warm and windy outside this morning. My brother Ron called me to talk for awhile. He is taking a new medication for his blood pressure and heart and said it was making him feel a little “stuffy”. I was surprised that "The Young And The Restless” was on today. Usually they don't show it on holidays. After lunch, Hiker and I drove over to Whitney Canyon to take a hike, but instead of turning left from the parking lot to head up into Whitney Canyon, we went right and headed into Elsmere Canyon. I'd only gone into this canyon once so thought I'd try it again. We started to head of the Loop Trail but it became too steep and too narrow for my liking. Hiker likes to walk near the edge of the trail and I'm always afraid that she might slip and pull both of us off the trail and down into the canyon. We headed back down the Loop Trail and decided to take the Creek Trail instead. The Loop Trail has good views of Santa Clarita, but the Creek Trail is nice because it has a lot of oak groves and some awesome views of the steep canyon walls. The creek bed was bone dry since we have not had a good rainfall. It was still very windy while we were out hiking.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Quick Note Today

Just a short note today. I went to my grief support group this morning. More people showed up than I had expected. After group, a few of us went to Red Robin for lunch. On the way home, the traffic was really bad and later in the after, something sure was going on somewhere as I heard a bunch of sirens and two sheriff's copters kept flying overhead. Don't know what that was all about. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Picture Perfect Day

Got up at 6 am for our dog walk with Jean and her dogs. We didn't do a play date today as Jean had something planned and had to get home earlier than normal. Hiker and I had breakfast and while I was having breakfast, my brother Ron called saying he had called his doctor to see if he could get an appointment today as he has been having some dizzy spells and not feeling very well. He got an appointment for 9:30 so I told him to call me back when he got home from the doctor to let me know what was going on. Hiker and I got in the car and headed up to Stater Brothers so I could do my grocery shopping. It was pretty crowded for a Monday morning, but I figured people were shopping for Christmas dinners. There was also a lot of people in the baking isle. Ron called me back around 11:30 and said the doctor wants him to wear a portable heart monitor next month. He said Ron's heart “skipped a beat or two”, plus his B/P was way up but that's because he was upset about not feeling good and having to go to the doctor. The doctor also prescribed some other medications besides Ron's normal B/P meds. Hopefully he will calm down and relax today and start to feel better. This afternoon, Hiker and I drove up to Vasquez Rocks and hiked around a little. There were a lot of people there since school is out and a lot of people have this week off from work.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Very Normal Sunday

Another cold morning when Hiker and I got up. We went and picked up my lottery tickets then came home to do some laundry and clean the house. Just hung out on the sofa most of the day. We did go for a short walk after lunch and we refilled the hummer feeder on the patio. I'm thinking about getting one of those “shepherds hooks” to put by my kitchen window and hand another hummer feeder there for the spring. I used to have one by my kitchen window and I had one hummer that visited it several times a day. I've been waiting all day for the USPS to deliver something I ordered on Amazon. I is supposed to be “Prime” delivery which is free 2-day shipping and it says it is supposed to be delivered today. Amazon has contracted with USPS to delivery on Sundays now and I've seen them delivering on Sundays in my neighborhood. It was usually early on Sunday mornings that I would see them so I expected them to deliver my order this morning, but I'm still waiting and it's a little after 3 PM right now. Although the email does say that it should be delivered by 8 PM so they have a few more hours.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Lazy Saturday

Hiker and I slept in today since we didn't have anything planned for the day. I made myself a big breakfast...ham and cheese omelet, sausage and toast and I was way to stuffed to even think about lunch. Don't know what happened to my regular gardener today. I went up to the mailbox to post a letter and saw him on the street above me, then I saw his truck parked on my street but he never showed up to mow my lawn. He usually comes between 10:30 am and noon and when I saw his truck on my street it was around 11 am. Around 2 pm his brother showed up and mowed my lawn, so I don't know what that was all about. Maybe my regular guy was out of town for the holidays. I felt lazy today so I spent a lot of the day watching Christmas movies on Hallmark Movie Channel again. Around 2:00, Hiker and I took a walk around our gated community. It was actually pretty warm outside...in the mid 60s.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Before Christmas

Cold and clear this morning when Hiker and I got up to get ready for our dog walk with Jean. We only got a light drizzle of rain yesterday. The so-called “storms” we've been getting have not given us much rain and we really need rain badly here on the west coast. We are in one of our worst and longest droughts ever. Didn't do much today. We did drive over to Bridgeport Lake in Valencia and walk around for about 35 minutes. Nice day...in the mid 60s.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sad Day

It rained here today. We really need it. I received some sad news from my friend DeDee today. Our dear friend Gin, who was part of our grief support group passed away this morning from a heart attack. She was in her early 80s. She joined our group a little over a year and a half ago after losing her husband Bob due to complications from an automobile accident. They had been married for over 60 years and Gin was having a very difficult time coming to terms with her grief. She had mentioned several times that she sometimes wished she could just go and join her husband. Gin was a fun, feisty lady and she was a joy to our group. She always said she didn't want to lose her independence and she hated it when something kept her from coming to group. We will all miss her very much. It was a perfect day to make Hiker more treats on the Bake A Bone. Also going to give some of them to Jean's dogs for Christmas. While working on the treats, got a call from Ruth (another group member). I had called her to tell her about Gin's passing but got her voice mail. Ruth called me back saying she just felt like she wanted to talk to someone from the group after hearing about Gin. I had also called Carol from group, but she said Jane had already called her.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cool, Cloudy Day

After Hiker and I got out of bed this morning, we jumped into the car and headed up to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. I let Hiker ride with me and she stayed in the car while I was in the stores shopping. Last night Hiker and I joined Jean for a 2 mile walk around our community to check out the Christmas lights. It was cloudy here all day and in the mid 60s. We are supposed to have a chance of rain from tonight through Friday and the snow level is supposed to fall to around 2500 feet. I wanted to get my shopping done so if it does rain this weekend. If it does, it will be a good time to make Hiker some more of her treats on the Bake A Bone and also sit in front of a fire and watch movies. After lunch today, Hiker and I did a two and a quarter mile walk.

A couple of photos of some neighbor's lights

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Support Group Today

Went to my grief support group this morning. We actually had empty seats today which is strange since the past few weeks we've had standing room only. Only three of us went to lunch after group...me, Linda Clark and Jane Hager. Even though next Tuesday is Christmas Eve, we are still planning on having a group meeting. I wonder how many people will actually show up. It go up into the low 80's here today but they say we have a chance of rain Thursday and Friday and that our temps will drop back down again. This evening, me, Hike and Jean and going to walk around inside our gated community and check out the Christmas lights. It's nice to know that I'll have a nice calm week this week since for the past two weeks, I've been so busy.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Nice Warm Day

Walked with Jean and her dogs this morning and she also had Rev, the Cockapoo puppy that she boards now and then. It was warm this morning, already 58° on my patio at 6 am. Got a little warm sitting on the patio while the dogs were playing. Had to take my hooded sweatshirt off. After Jean and the dogs left, I did a little housework. Got a call from Kaiser Ophthalmology. They have scheduled my first two eye injections for January 31st and February 28th. Just hope my blood pressure will cooperate with me and not go up much on those days. If it's too high, they won't do the procedure. While I was watching “The Young And The Restless” Hiker was sitting next to me on the sofa. I told her that as soon as the soap was over, she and I would get into the car and head over to the Iron Horse Trail Head for an afternoon walk. I told her to listen for the end of the show. She got down and was laying on the floor near the sliding glass doors when the show ended. I don't know how she knows, but as soon as the credits started to run across the screen, Hiker got up and ran to me, jumped up on the sofa and started kissing me and pawing at me. I swear she understand what I tell her. Was a nice day for a walk. Temperature was around 78° but didn't actually feel that warm. There were some high, thin clouds and a little breeze.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lazy Sunday

For some reason I was very tired today. I let Hiker outside at 6 am then we got back into bed and I turned on the morning news, but I fell back to sleep which I usually don't do. Woke up around 7:45 and still felt very tired. Got up at 8 am and had a bowl of cereal then Hiker and I went to buy the lottery tickets. Did a load of laundry and put clean sheets on the bed. After lunch, Hiker and I walked over to Jean's house so Hiker could give a few of her homemade treats that I made for her yesterday to her buddies Sassy, Charlie and Timmy. Stayed for about 20 minutes and then came home. I had planned on taking Hiker for a walk today but for some reason, I was feeling really tired still and decided not to go. It's better to go during the week anyway because then the traffic is not as bad if I want to drive somewhere different to take a walk. Some high clouds started coming in by late afternoon but I have not heard anything about any rain this coming week.

My solar "toys" were dancing like crazy in my kitchen window today.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pleasant Day

Hiker and I slept in a little this morning as we had no plans for the day. I made some poached eggs for us and then put a load of laundry into the washer. I made Hiker some homemade treats on the Bake A Bone I bought while out shopping with Jean the other day. They seemed to turn out well and Hiker seems to like them. I'll have to give a couple of the them to Jean for her dogs. Had lunch and then took Hiker out for a walk within our gated community. I noticed that people have not decorated the outside of their houses as much this year as they did last year. Also seems like less people decorated. Could be because our community is not judging decorations this year and not giving out prizes for the best decorations. Our manager broke her foot a couple of weeks back and she is the one who always organizes and hosts the community Christmas party and because of her broken foot, we are not having a party this year. I know she is disappointed as she seems to enjoy the parties. Got up into the low 70s here today and was a bit breezy.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Eye Exam

Left early to go to my appointment with my retina specialist. Jean drove me and we had to take surface streets over to Panorama City as there was a terrible accident on the freeway where the I5 and the 405 come together. We still got there early enough for me to check in on time. So now I have to start getting injections in my right eye. It seems that the inside of my eye has a small cyst and some swelling that doesn't seem to go away so the doctor wants to start treatment for the swelling. His appointment girl was not in today, so she will call me to make an appointment (probably in January) for my first injection. The doctor said they do a series of four injections about a month apart and hopefully the medications they use will make the swelling go away. The only problem with the injections is that they make cataracts come sooner (which I already have baby ones) and there is the risk of infection or retinal detachment, however the doctor said the last two risks are very rare. My doctor had hoped that the swelling would go down on its own, but since it didn't we have to start the treatments. I've attached a link that tells about the eye injections. I went online to see what it said about them as the doctor told me that they are not really painful, just a little discomfort at the time. I told my doctor that I've been worried that my eye problem will eventually cause me to have trouble getting my driver's license, but he told me that he doesn't see any reason that would happen. He said that in California, you have to be “legally blind” before they take away your license for your vision. We came back over to Santa Clarita and did a little shopping then went to a place called Everest for lunch. Very good food, and a lot of it for a very reasonable price.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Warmer Today

Slept in a little later this morning. Got up around 7:30 am made a couple of poached eggs (one for me and one for Hiker) and then Hiker and I got into the car and headed up to Stater Brothers so I could do my grocery shopping. Hiker slept in the car while I was inside the store. After lunch, Hiker and I drove over to Whitney Canyon to see if there was any parking spaces in the “free parking area” but there wasn't, so we headed back up to Placerita Canyon and did a short hike...about a mile and three quarters. I am so out of shape that it is sad. I didn't walk or hike much during the summer because it was too hot, then I just wasn't in the mood to walk/hike for awhile, then it was so cold those few days. I need to get myself back up to where I can do a 3 to 4 mile hike without any trouble. Got up to around 75° here this afternoon. I have an appointment with my retina specialist over at Kaiser in Panorama City in the morning. Jean is going to drive me over since they always dilate my eyes.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lunch With Good Friends

Got up at 6 am. It was 40° outside this morning. We had a dog walk with Jean and her dogs. It was not freezing cold this morning on our walk. My friends Karren and Wally Meggitt came down from the Antelope Valley to have lunch with me. We went to The Saugus Cafe for lunch which is the oldest restaurant in the county of Los Angeles. It was established in 1887. I had their beef French dip and fries and it was pretty good. Started getting windy again this afternoon. I noticed that one of my roof shingles has come loose but I don't go up on my roof so I guess it will just stay that way. It's over my garage so hopefully I won't get any leaks.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Busy, Busy

Hiker let me sleep in an extra half hour this morning. She slept under the covers all night so I'm guessing she was so warm and toasty that she didn't want to come out into the cold. I heard her whimpering and then she started pawing at me. When I looked at the clock it was 6:28 am. I went to my support group today. Once again we had “standing room only”. We really need a bigger room but the Senior Center management doesn't seem to want to cooperate with us in getting one. Had some good discussion today. A few of us went over to Round Table Pizza for a pizza and salad lunch. I stopped by Big Lots on my way home to pick up some boxes of chocolate candy. They always have a good variety of Russell Stover and Maxfield's chocolates this time of year at a very good price. I bought two boxes which were priced at $5 each but when I went to the register to pay for them, they rang up at $3 each. It was another cold day. Actually got up to around 60° here today but it was still windy and that's what is making it so cold. Still have not put my garage magnet decorations back up because I'm afraid they'd all blow away. This is a busy week. Getting car serviced and shopping with Jean yesterday, group and lunch with the ladies today, dog walk with Jean and then lunch with my friends Karren and Wally tomorrow, grocery shopping Thursday and Jean taking me to Kaiser for my appointment with my Retina Specialist on Friday.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Very Windy Day

Got up at 6 am as I had an appointment at the Toyota dealer to have my Rav4 serviced this morning. It was cold and windy and stayed that way all day. The winds were so bad that some of my Christmas magnet decorations that I had on my garage door blew away. My neighbor Andie found a few of them in her yard and returned them, but some are still missing. Jean picked me up at the Toyota dealer and we headed out for a little shopping. First we went to Kohl's and I bought 3 tops. One of them is a Christmas top that was on sale and the other 2 were T-shirts for when it gets warmer. They were on the clearance rack. Then we went to the senior center to the holiday boutique for the knitting class. Didn't buy anything there. We then went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and I bought one of those dog treat makers (it's like a waffle iron). It was on the clearance rack. It is called a “Bake a Bone”. They are usually $29.99 but I got it for $19.99 plus I had a 20% off coupon. Also bought a couple of boxes of the mixes to make the bones. We then went over to Pet Smart and I bought Hiker a little squeaky snowman. Had lunch at Del Taco and then went to get my car. Jean went back to the senior center for her Monday card game group and I headed home. Hiker didn't want to go outside much because of the wind.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Cold Day

When Hiker and I got up this morning at 6 am, the temperature on my patio was 25°. We went on a dog walk with Jean today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow morning I need to take my car to the dealer for its first service. The best part about that is I don't have to pay for it. The temperature stayed very cold while we were out walking. There was frost on everything and there was only a couple of other people out with their dogs at the park. The water in the street gutters was frozen solid. We brought the dogs back to my backyard and it was now 30°. The dogs were not play much, I'm guess because of the cold, so Jean left earlier than normal. I fixed some breakfast for me and Hiker and then I went to get my lottery tickets. Came home and did some laundry and vacuumed. A little after 1:30 pm, I decided Hiker and I needed another walk. As I've said many times, when we walk with Jean and her dogs, we really don't get any exercise. So tomorrow morning Jean is going to follow me over to the Toyota dealer then we are heading over to the senior center to a holiday craft boutique and then over to Kohl s as we both have some coupons. Should be fun.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cloudy And Cold

Hiker and I slept in this morning as we had not dog walk or any other plans for the day. When we got up at 8 am, it was raining a little. Around 9:30 am, the sun started to peek out and my gardener suddenly showed up. He must have been hiding somewhere just waiting for the sun to come out so he could mow my lawn (LOL). My brother Ron called me from Paradise, CA. He is getting snow up there. He posted some photos on Facebook. Looks really pretty and “Christmassy” up there. It started sprinkling again around 2:30 pm. It stayed dark and cloudy all day. I watched a movie on Amazon. It was called “City Of Angels”. I thought it was really good. It never did warm up much today. It stayed at 44° all day.

Friday, December 6, 2013


It was 28° this morning when Hiker and I got out of bed at 6 am. Got up early to go for a dog walk with Jean and her dogs. It was sooo cold when we were out walking. Hey, this California Girl (born and raised) is not used to weather this cold. I had on extra thick socks, thick jeans, a T-shirt, Sweatshirt and a parka, gloves and a stocking cap and I was still cold. Hiker had on her Martha Stewart jacket. We let the dogs play in my yard for awhile but not as long as normal because it was too cold. Stayed inside watching the sun go in an out from behind the clouds all day. After lunch, I decided we really needed to get out for a “real” walk so we headed down to Discovery Park, but it was still pretty cold outside, so we didn't stay there very long. Did just over a mile walk around the park and then headed home. But I guess a short walk is better than no walk at all. I'll probably have another fire going tonight in the fireplace as it is supposed to be another cold one.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Extremely cold for SoCal this morning. When I let Hiker outside to potty at 6 am it was 30° and it stayed at 30° until a little after 8 am. By noon, it had only gotten up to 58°. I like it though because I hated the hot summer we had and I'm glad we are having “seasonal” weather now. I had to go over to Sam's Club this morning. They still are not very crowded, but I noticed that the Wal-Mart parking lot had a lot more cars than usual. After lunch, Hiker and I drove up to the grocery store to get some firewood because it is supposed to be another really cold night here. Came home and decided to wash my car. I usually have it washed professionally because I get coupons for 50% off but I have not had the time to get over to the car wash, so decided to just do it here at home. My Kindle should be coming later this afternoon. Our UPS guy comes around dinner time.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold In SoCal

Had a dream about Ben last night. I remember I was going all over the place trying to find the exact dog food I wanted for Hiker and could not find it anywhere. Ben was with me. At one point we somehow ended up at a Jewish wedding for someone we didn't even know (strange), and Ben being his usual self was up and wandering all over the place and I had to keep going to look for him. He never was one that could sit still in one place for very long. At one point I found him out in the parking lot of the temple sitting in a car waiting for me, then I woke up. It was 19 years ago on this date that Ben and I moved into the home I still live in. Jean called me around 8:30 this morning with a computer problem. She had tried to look something up on the Internet and she got a pop-up telling her that she had to download something to get into the site she wanted and she did so, which I told her NEVER do that because you can get viruses that way. Anyway, whatever it was she downloaded changed her home page on her browser and she had no idea how to change it back, so I went over and took care of that for her and deleted what she had downloaded. At 10:45 I left for Palmdale to have lunch with a few of my retired Lockheed girlfriends. Originally 9 of us were going but it ended up just being 4 of us as the others were either sick or had other plans. But it was great seeing Suzi, Judy and Jacki. When I left home it 60° but when I got to Palmdale it was only 45° and breezy. When I got back home it was 58°. On the way home my stomach started gurgling so I don't know if it was something I ate or not.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good Day At Support Group

Got up at 7 am as I had my support group at the Senior Center today. Was a little chilly this morning and only got up to around 65° today. We had a “standing room only” group today. We really need a larger meeting room. Had a lot of fun at lunch with the “girls”. We always have such great stories and we laugh a lot. I'm so glad I met these great ladies. Tomorrow I am going to meet some of my Lockheed retired girlfriends for lunch. We started out with a large group, but it has been dwindling down and now it appears that there will only be about 4 of us there for sure, but we will still have fun. They are saying it is going to be very cold here the rest of the week with possible rain and snow in the mountains. They also are saying we are going to have high winds. I'll be driving up to Palmdale alone (about 30 miles one way), so I hope it's not raining then and I hope it's not too windy as they always have extremely high winds up there.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Still Sore

After working on my outside Christmas lights and all of Jean's decorations in her yard over the weekend, I was wiped out Sunday night. I started to watch a Hallmark Movie at 8 pm but fell asleep on the sofa around 8:30. Got up and went to bed and went right to sleep. Got up around 6 am this morning as we had a dog walk with Jean and then I went to Wal-Mart. Thought getting there early this morning and the fact that everyone had been shopping Thursday through Friday that the store would not be very crowded, but I was wrong. However it wasn't as bad as it will be in a few more weeks. I don't Christmas shop, but I had other things I needed to pick up there. Got home and put my purchases away and then sat down to watch “Young And Restless”, then my older brother Ron called me right after the soap went off. I was having trouble with my email this morning. I could send emails but was not receiving any. Finally started getting some email after noontime. Maybe it had something to do with “Cyber Monday”. Started getting a little cloudy here this afternoon. It got up to almost 80° here today but they say we are going to drop around 20° tomorrow.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Decorating

I cannot believe it is December already. Where has the year gone? My entire body was sore this morning when I got out of bed. Did too much work yesterday putting up my Christmas lights and then helping Jean with her decorations. She and I took the dogs for a morning walk and then headed over to our community hosted holiday boutique. Not much there to talk about. I did buy Hiker some homemade dog biscuits. Went back over to Jean's house to finish decorating. She wanted to put up some lights and we didn't get around to doing that yesterday. By the time I got home, it was after 2 pm. Hiker wanted to come home earlier, but she had to wait until we got done. My body feels like a steam roller ran over me. The weather for the past 2 days has been beautiful, but they are predicting more rain sometime next week.