Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Beautiful Day In SoCal

Got up at 6 am this morning because I knew that my handyman would be here at 8 am to see if he could fix my toilet in the master bathroom. He was right on time and he looked to see what parts he would need and then headed over to Home Depot and Lowes to see if they had the parts. Well because my toilet is an old model, they don’t keep the parts in stock so he had to have them ordered. He called me and said hopefully the parts will be in on Monday and he will come by after he gets off work here in the community to fix it. Thank goodness I have another bathroom, but I have to walk to the other side of the house to go to the bathroom at night. But I guess that’s better than going outside to an outhouse (LOL).
Because I got up early, I was able to see something cool. I turned on the local news at 6 am and they were reporting about the launch of a satellite from Vandenberg AFB which is about 150 miles west of where I live. They showed the launch live, so I grabbed my camera and watched out the back window. About 2 minutes after the launch, I saw the tiny red dot from the flames of the rocket as it shot straight up into the air. After about 4 minutes, it headed south and a contrail started to appear. I watched it until it was out of sight.
The day after we have a rain is always beautiful here in the Santa Clarita Valley and today was no exception. After lunch, I took Hiker over to Whitney Canyon for a 2 mile walk. This is a beautiful time of year to go hiking because the sky is so blue, we usually have big fluffy clouds and the hills are so green. No wildflowers yet though.
Got into the mid 70’s here today.

Here is a photo I took this morning of the satellite launch

Here is a photo I took this after while Hiker and I were out hiking

Friday, January 30, 2015

Busy Friday

I cannot believe that January is almost over! Seems like it was just New Year’s Day.
Jean and I were supposed to go for a short hike today, but it started to rain last night and was still drizzling this morning so we decided instead we would go shopping and then out to lunch.
We went to Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Petco, JCPenney, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target and we went to lunch at Sizzler. I had told Hiker that I’d buy her a toy while I was out, so at Petco I bought her a “stuffed” beer bottle.
All of the time we were out, there was no rain. The sun had broken through and the clouds parted to where we could see some blue sky.
When we got home, I got Hiker and walked down to our community office to pay my land lease for this next month and then we came back home. Around 1:15 pm, it had gotten totally cloudy again and at 1:30 pm the sky opened up and we had a downpour. That lasted for almost 30 minutes. Thought I heard a little thunder off in the distance too. The temperature dropped about 10° in 15 minutes.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Another Grey Day

Got up early this morning and was at the grocery store doing my shopping by 8:30 am. I would think with gasoline as low as it is right now that groceries prices would be lower, but I spent at least $15 more than I normally do and I didn’t really buy anything out of the ordinary.
I was having a dream about Ben just before I woke up. Seems he and I were in some small mountain town and we were in a small “mom and pop” store buying some groceries. Must have been because I knew I had to get up and go grocery shopping today.
When I got home, I cleaned the big bathroom. I so much hate housework (LOL). Settled down and check my email and Facebook, then watched Y&R and had lunch.
After lunch, I vacuumed the house while Hiker tried to find places to hide from the vacuum. I tried to get her to go outside but she didn’t want to, so instead, she ran around the house like a crazy dog.
Paid a few bills in the afternoon and then did some indoor exercising.
Very cloudy and grey here again today. Not really cold…in the high 60’s.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gray Day

Hiker and I were up at 7 am. I had to run all of the weekly scans on my laptops.
After breakfast, I finished the scans and watched some TV.
My neighbor Jean and her friend Shelly picked me up around 12:30. They both had to go over to the Castaic Animal Control office and get licenses for their dogs. They were also going out for lunch so the invited me to come along. While they were doing that, I was looking at the literature they had on the table in the lobby and I picked up a card for New Leash On Life and it has Hiker’s picture on it, so naturally, I had to take one.
We stopped by a place called Tri-Tipps for lunch. It’s just a fast-food place, but it was pretty good. They sell burgers, salads and tri-tip sandwiches. They were crowded when we got there, so even though it was gray and gloomy outside, we had to sit outside to eat our lunch. It wasn’t really cold, but a little breezy.
When I got home, Hiker was smelling me all over. I don’t know why because I was not near any other dogs.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not Happy With Group Today

Thought if it had been raining this morning that I would not go to my support group, but it was dry when Hiker and I got out of bed. We didn’t get much rain from this last storm.
Today’s group was not so great. We had a lot of people, but somehow, the subject turned into a “history class” and two or three members hogged the entire two hours talking about subjects that had nothing to do with support. At lunch, the regular “lunch ladies” talked about how the discussion got way off track. We should have just met for lunch instead of going to group.
It was a beautiful day. Cloudy, but the sun was shining. We had huge thunderheads overhead, but in between there was a beautiful blue sky.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Waiting For The Rain

Up at 6 am to get ready for our Monday dog walk with Jean at 7:30 am. This was our first walk with Schnorkie and he did great. He seemed to really be enjoying being out with his new family and his new buddy Hiker. He was sniffing everything he came into contact with. He did really well on the leash. He seems like a very smart pup. Jean said he is already using the doggy door to go in and out for potty and he seems to already know his name. During the play date after our walk, we found out that Schnorkie knows how to play fetch with a tennis ball. The vets who work with New Leash On Life claim that he is only 10 months old, but he is extremely calm for a puppy. He acts like an older dog.
Jean has a dental appointment today and then she goes to the senior center to play cards, so she asked if I would stop by her house around 2 pm to make sure Schnorkie is not tearing anything up as this would be the first time she left him alone with the other 2 dogs. Everything looked fine, not even any pee or poop.
After she left, I called Kaiser to start the process of getting my health insurance changed from Kaiser Senior Advantage Lockheed Group Plan to Kaiser Senior Advantage Individual Plan since Lockheed is dropping all group plans for Medicare aged retirees. Kaiser said they will send me the enrollment forms and hopefully have everything changed over before March 1st, so it seems like an easy process.
Then I went online and set up my profile with OneExchange and sent up an appointment date to call them to let them know I have enrolled with Kaiser on my own and to see if I am eligible for the health reimbursement agreement through Lockheed. Made the appointment for the middle of March as Kaiser told me they hope to have mine switched over by March 1st.
Was very cloudy this morning, but by noon the sun had come out. Around 1:30 pm, it was totally cloudy again. We are supposed to get rain later today and all day tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Normal Sunday

Had a rough night last night for some reason. The wind was howling outside all night long and I was having the strangest dreams. I remember having three main dreams, even though I don’t remember what they were about, and they seemed to run from one dream to the next. I woke up around 3 am and remember thinking how strange the dreams were, but when I woke up again at 6 am to let Hiker outside, I didn’t remember any details about the dreams.
After Hiker came back in, we went back to bed because I felt exhausted. They were the kind of dreams that actually make you feel physically tired. So I fell back to sleep until Hiker woke me up again just before 8 am.
Washed my sheets and towels and watched TV most of the day.
The wind continued to howl all day and I noticed that it was scaring Hiker some. Not as bad as thunder does though.
It was in the low 80’s and very sunny most of the day but around 2:30 pm the wind started to die down and we started getting cloudy. We may have rain on Tuesday.
I spend an hour exercising with my Wii Sports.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Calm Saturday

Stayed in bed until 8 am this morning. Got up, made waffles for breakfast then started my laundry.
The mowers showed up around 11 am. After they were done, Hiker asked me if she could go over to Jean’s house and meet Schnorkie (LOL). Actually I decided to take her over and introduce them. Jean said she figured I’d show up sometime today.
Anyway, Schnorkie seemed interested in Hiker but Hiker wanted nothing to do with him. She is so shy now when she meets new dogs. She used to not be that way. Jean said she had called New Leash On Life because she thought Schnorkie’s body felt warm and she was thinking he might have a temperature, but they told her as long as he is eating and going potty with no problem and as long as he is not lethargic, not to worry, that some dogs just feel warming than others. Plus his hair is so short and thin that you can feel his body warmth more. His nose didn’t feel hot and he was playful, so I think he is OK.
I could see that he has already created a bond with Jean and her dogs seem to get along with him really well. He and Sassy were playing when we got there.
The weather was beautiful here all day. It was 80° and sunny, but there was a strong wind most of the day. The wind blew hard all night long. We are supposed to get some rain next week.
Hiker and I were out on the patio for a while. I noticed that when we first went out, Hiker had jumped off the steps and ran across the yard and she yipped, the she was limping. I think she just twisted her ankle like we do because I made her “walk it off” and now she seems fine.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Up early for our Friday dog walk. We were in the park when Shelly (our neighbor) and her Aussie Cattle Dog pup Toby caught up with us. Toby is a Red Heeler and is only 10 months old. Hiker is very leery of him. He wants to play so bad, but Hiker still isn’t sure about him. But then Hiker is a little shy around new dogs and new people until she gets to know them.
Shelly headed home, as did Jean and her dogs. I fixed a couple of poached eggs for me and Hiker and then Hiker and I headed over to Jean’s house so Jean could groom Hiker.
Hiker and I headed home and then Jean picked me up at 11:30 am for us to go up to New Leash On Life and pick up her new dog. On the way back home, I had Schnorkie on my lap. It’s hard to believe that he is only 10 month old because he is so calm. We stopped at our community office so Jean could show him to Chris and Marcie and then we stopped by some of the neighbor’s homes so Jean could show them the new member of her family. We stopped by and showed him to Shelly, Rhonda and Kim. Kim did not want to give him back to Jean. She was holding him and he was falling asleep on her shoulder.
Was a beautiful day outside. Bright and sunny and in the high 70’s.

My neighbor's new dog Schnorkie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Housework YUCK!

Busy morning.
Had breakfast and then went to get my Lottery tickets. Came home and “updated” my earthquake emergency kit. Always check out the dates on the food I have in it and on anything like pain relievers, etc.
Mopped my floors and ran my weekly scans on both of my laptops, then I washed all of my throw rugs and bath mats.
Took a break to have lunch and watch “Young & Restless” then got back to work by vacuuming the entire house.
Was sunny and in the low 70’s here with high, thin clouds.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Neighbor Jean Is Adopting A New Dog

Hiker and I got up early this morning because Jean was coming by at 8:30 am for me to go up to New Leash On Life with her so she could have her two dogs mingle with the two dogs she was thinking about adopting. It went well for a while, but then Abby, one of the adoptable dogs, snapped at one of Jean’s dogs. Abby is a very sweet girl but she is very “alpha” and very protective of her sister “Tink” who would also be adopted with her. We found out that another couple has shown interest in Abby and Tink so Jean decided to let them have those two dogs, but then she met a little guy named Grisham. He is a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix and he got along really well with Jean’s Charlie and Sassy, so Jean has decided to adopt him. She wants to change his name to “Schnorkie” and we are going back to pick him up on Friday.
The ladies at the shelter were so pleased and they totally understood why Jean had changed her mind about Tink and Abby and totally agreed with her decision.
So then Jean and I drove up to Agua Dulce to the Sweet Water Café to meet my longtime friend Judy for lunch. I had been to this café before but they had not. The food was really good. Agua Dulce is a tiny “country town”. Next door to the café is a little antique shop, so after we ate, the three of us went in and looked around.
Was really a fun day and the weather was beautiful. Clear, blue sky with a little breeze and about 75°.

Here are some photos of "Schnorkie" that I found on the New Leash On Life's website:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cloudy All Day

Went to my support group at the senior center today. Had a small group. Maybe some people have not gotten back from their holiday travel. We heard that Edwin fell and has been in the hospital. We were wondering why he had not been to our meetings in the past 3 week.
DeDee, Linda, Jane and I went for lunch at Cathy’s Deli. We act so silly when we are all together. Today we were referring ourselves as “The Mean Girls” like in the movie with Lindsay Lohan.
It was cloudy here all day. They keep saying we have no rain in our forecast, but it sure looked like it could rain at any time.
I stopped by the market on my way home to get a bottle of milk and then came home. Hiker and I put the trash cans out by the curb and then walked up to the mailbox.
Tomorrow morning, Jean is coming by to get me around 8:30 am and we are taking her 2 dogs up to New Leash On Life so they can get more acquainted with the 2 dogs she may adopt. We were supposed to go up there last Saturday, but they had to reschedule her visit. After we come back home, we are heading up to Agua Dulce to meet my friend Judy at the Sweet Water Café for lunch. Judy wanted to treat me for my birthday which was last Saturday.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunny Monday

Up early for our Monday dog walk with Jean, Sassy and Charlie. Play date after the walk. After breakfast, Hiker and I went to get my lottery tickets. She doesn’t care if her car rides are short or long, just as long as she gets to go.
Did some housework then settled down to watch Y&R.
After lunch, I took Hiker out for a 2 mile walk. It was in the low 80’s and there were a lot of people out on the path since this is a holiday.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Relaxing Sunday

Didn’t do much today. Did some laundry as I normally do on Sunday.
Was warm outside today, but there was a thin layer of clouds, so the sun was not a bright as yesterday and the sky was not as blue.
Messed around on my computer and watched some TV.
Just a relaxing Sunday.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy 65th Birthday To Me

Boy was I really lazy this morning! Hiker got me up to go potty at her usual time, and as usual, we went back to bed, but this morning I did not turn on the TV and I fell back to sleep and did not wake up until almost 8:30 am. I feel so much better when I get up at 6 am and just stay up, but some days, the bed just feels too good to get out of it, or it’s too chilly and I like getting back under the covers.
Started getting texts and phone calls wishing me a happy birthday after breakfast. My friend Karren always calls and serenades me with the “Happy Birthday Song”. She’s been doing that for years.
My brother Ron called me to wish me a happy birthday. My brother Keith sent me a birthday text as did my sister-in-law Donna and my friend Judy. Also got several e-cards. Got a snail-mail card from my sister-in-law and also got one from my 95 year old Uncle Gus.
Jean was supposed to pick me up at 2:30 pm to head up to New Leash On Life so her dogs could bond more with the two dogs she might adopt, but NLOL called her and cancelled because they had to drive up to Palmdale to save a dog from being put down.
It was so beautiful outside…sunny and 80°, so I took Hiker out on a 2 mile walk.
Actually got a “birthday present” from Lockheed in the mail today…a letter telling me that they have FINALLY corrected/updated my health insurance records so they have taken me off of the Aetna Catastrophic Medicare Health Plan and now show me on the Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan, so hopefully they will now make the adjustments on my next pension check.

T-shirt I bought for myself. Made a good birthday present to myself.

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Friday!

My cell phone started ringing at 2:30 am. It showed nothing but “106” in the caller ID so naturally I ignored it. I didn’t fall back to sleep until around 5 am and when my alarm went off at 6 am I was jolted awake. I actually thought it was my phone ringing and I picked it up and said “hello” but then realized it had been the alarm. I had been dreaming that I was working in some big office building and I had taken Hiker to work with me and she was running around the building somewhere and I was asking everyone if they had seen her.
Did our dog walk with Jean and while we were out, we met one of our neighbors (Shelly) who lives up the hill from us. We had never met her before, but we knew about her dog Toby who is a Red Healer (Queensland Healer). Jean had met Toby when Shelly’s neighbor was dog sitting, and everyone had been telling me about him because he is the same breed as Hiker. He is still a puppy, so Hiker was a little taken back by him as he is so full of energy. But then Hiker is always shy when she first meets other dogs. I’m hoping she will be able to get to know Toby and start to play with him.
It was 38° when we were out walking and there was ice on roofs and plants.
I had a $10 gift certificate from Kohl’s for my birthday, so I decided to go up to Kohl’s and look around. After spending about 40 minutes in the store wandering around, I could not really find anything, so I just bought some socks. I can always use socks. Plus they were a good deal. If you bought one package of 3 pair, you got the second package of 3 pair and half price, plus my $10 off, so I did pretty good. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pretty Day

Slept in again this morning. Sometimes the bed just feels too good to get out of it.
After breakfast, I headed over to get my lottery tickets, fill the car with gas and go to Wal-Mart.
Really a nice day outside today. After lunch, Hiker and I went over to Central Park in Saugus and did a mile and a half walk. I am still so out of shape. Every time we go out, after about 15 or 20 minutes, my calf muscles start to hurt and my ankles, knees and hips start to ache some. But I keep chugging along.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Great Weather Wednesday

For some reason, I could not fall asleep last night. I tried watching TV, but that didn’t help. I tried playing games on my iPad, but that didn’t help. I took an OTC sleeping aid, and finally around 2 am, I fell asleep. Hiker woke me up at 6 am to go outside, but then we went back to bed until 8 am.
After breakfast, I went to do my grocery shopping. It seems that lately, I cannot find the stuff I normally buy. I was at Sam’s Club a couple of weeks ago and they did not have Eggland’s Best eggs, so I had to buy another brand and they just did not taste as good. I was at Sam’s Club yesterday and they did not have Tropicana Orange Juice. I thought I’d buy it at Stater Brothers today when I did my shopping, but they don’t even sell Tropicana, so I had to buy Florida’s Natural OJ. Also, I always by reduced fat store brand cheese at Stater Brothers and they didn’t have any so I had to buy regular cheese. Don’t know what the heck is going on.
Came home and after I put my groceries away, I ran the weekly scans on my laptops, then watched “Y&R”.
It was so gorgeous outside this afternoon. Dark blue sky, a slight breeze and 74°. I put Hiker into the car and we drove over to Todd Longshore Park and did a short afternoon walk. As we walked along a dirt path to the side of the park, I saw a roadrunner crossing the trail ahead of us. Hiker didn’t see it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spent The Day At Grief Group

Went to my grief support group today. Started out with only 4 of us there plus our leader, then a few more people came in. Seems like after the first of the New Year is always when we get new people. Today we got a woman who had just lost her son and a man who lost his son 5 years ago and then just recently lost his wife.
Since my birthday is this Saturday, one of our members (Linda) brought homemade cupcakes. She is our little baker. She has brought us cookies and other items throughout last year. THANK YOU LINDA! I took a few of them up to my neighbor Jean after I got home.
After group, DeDee, Linda, Jane and I went to Sizzler for lunch. DeDee bought my lunch. THANK YOU DEDEE! As usual, we gabbed and acted like teenagers. Always fun with those ladies.
Came home to find Hiker in her portable soft-sided crate. She acted like she didn’t want to come out. I finally coaxed her out by offering her some treats. Sometimes she acts like when I leave her at home alone for a long time that she is being punished. Must be some memory of when someone else owned her before I came into her life.
Pretty day here today. Got into the low 70’s.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not A Busy Day

Was up early for our dog walk this morning. It was a little foggy, but cleared up before we headed out with Jean and her dogs.
After breakfast, I headed over to Sam’s Club and then came home and watched TV.
After lunch, I did some house work while Hiker hid from the vacuum. Even after all of this time, the vacuum still scares her. It’s funny though…when my neighbor Jean uses a vacuum to blow dry Hiker when she grooms her, Hiker seems to like it. Silly dog.
After the sun came out today, it got up to 70° here. Was a really pretty day.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cloudy, Lazy, Sunday

Was a lazy Sunday today. It rained all night and was still drizzling when I let Hiker outside around 6 am. When she came back in, we got back in bed. I didn’t fall asleep again, instead I watched the morning news and then “CBS Sunday Morning”.
We slowly crawled out of bed around 8 am and had some breakfast. I tossed my bed sheets and my towels into the washer and then paid some bills.
It stopped raining around noontime and the sun peeked out a little, but it stayed pretty much cloudy most of the day.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rainy Saturday

I slept in until 8 am this morning. I wanted to rest my eye a little more. It was no longer as sore as it was last night but now instead of just half of the white part being red, the entire white part is red. It itches a lot.
Hiker and I had some breakfast and I did a load of laundry and paid a bill that came yesterday. Then I checked my Facebook page and my email.
It started raining here just before 10 am. My mowers got here to do the lawn just as it started, so I was glad that they were able to mow before it rained harder.
Jean picked me up at 2 pm. She took Charlie and Sassy up to New Leash On Life to meet Tink and Abby, the two dogs she “might” be adopting. The handlers at the shelter introduced the dogs one-on-one and then as a group and they seemed to get along OK. Jean was upset that they didn’t let her get more acquainted with the dogs this time and that they didn’t put all four dogs in the dog run together off-leash. I tried to explain to her that they know what they are doing because they do this all of the time. The told her they may call her to come back with her dogs next Saturday to let them play together some.
It started raining harder when we were coming home.
Hiker was sniffing me all over because I’d been around the other dogs.

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Latest Eye Injection

Got up at 6 am to be ready for a dog walk with Jean at 7:30 am. It was dark and cloudy out. The morning news was saying there was a chance of rain later today.
Hiker and I met Jean with her two dogs and the two dogs of our neighbor Charlene for our walk. Ebony, the neighbor’s dog, didn’t seem to want to walk this morning, so we didn’t do our normal route and just did a shorter walk around the community. Jean was grooming both Ebony and Rocky today before she and I went to lunch and then over to Kaiser for my eye injection.
So Jean and I went to lunch and then over to Kaiser. Today was my first time using my Kaiser Medicare Plan. It was nice paying $30 less for my specialist co-pay. I thought my B/P would be up due to the fact that the doctor told me he’d be using a larger needle this time, but it was not up as bad as I thought.
The injection wasn’t really any more painful than the other ones. Mostly just feel the pressure of the needle, but now that I am home, my eye is starting to burn a little. They told me that was normal because they had used an iodine solution to sterilize the surface of my eye before the injection, and now that the numbness is wearing off, I’m starting to feel it some. They said my eye may be redder from this injection and that it may water some.
I now have a small pellet floating around in my eye. I cannot see it yet because I am still wearing the patch that they told me to keep on longer than with the other injections. The doctor said I may see what he called a “small submarine” floating around in my eye for a while.
I don’t have to go back now for at least 6 weeks. Before it was every 4 weeks.The scheduler will call me.

The Morning Sky:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Partly Cloudy Thursday

Was 46° here at 6 am when I let Hiker outside. We went back to bed for about an hour and then got up, had some breakfast and then I took Hiker over to Tags Clinic to get her rattlesnake vaccination. They really don’t open until 9 am, and we got there around 10 minutes until 9 am, but they were already open. We were the only customers in the clinic so we were in and out in about 5 minutes. Hiker is always such a good girl when I take her there. Every time we are there, the vet sees her and says “we need to get some cattle in here for her to herd”. They gave her some cookies for being such a good girl.
After lunch, Hiker and I headed out to try to get in a 2 mile walk. About a half mile into the walk, Hiker just stopped and laid down on some grass and looked up at me. I’m assuming that maybe she is having a reaction to the shot she had this morning. I know that some vaccines cause them to feel a little lethargic. So we turned around and walked back to the park and sat down for about 10 minutes and then headed home.
I have another eye injection appointment tomorrow afternoon. Jean is taking me as usual.
Was 82° here again today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Has Summer Returned?

Took my car over to the carwash this morning. It was dirty from one of the rain storms we had, so now that the weather was warmer, I wanted to get it cleaned.
When I got back home around 9:30 am it was already 70° on my patio and the wind was blowing. Felt like Santa Ana Winds because they were very warm.
Didn’t do much until after lunch when I took Hiker over to Bridgeport Lake for a nice afternoon walk. Actually it was a little too warm. It was like 82° at 1 pm. I still need to get back into shape. My legs and feet we killing me by the time I we got back to the car.
As we were getting into the car, Jean called me to ask if I would go over to New Lease On Life with her on Saturday. I had told her about two dogs they had up for adoption. They are Tink (a King Charles Cavalier) and Abby (a Terrier). They are both female and both are around 2 years old. Abby was adopted in 2012 and then Tink was adopted by the same family in 2013, but the family fell on hard times and had to return Abby and Tink as the dogs had been together for a year and they did not want to separate them. NLOL obliged and now they want to place the 2 girls together in a new forever home. Jean has been thinking about getting another dog since Timmy died, and I had passed a video of these 2 to her before Christmas. She decided to put in paperwork saying she was interested, so she got a call today for her to bring Charlie and Sassy over to meet their possible new sisters.
Tomorrow morning, I have to take Hiker over to Tags Clinic and get her rattlesnake booster shot.

Below is a photo of Tink and Abby...the 2 dogs that my neighbor Jean might adopt.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Day At Support Group

Got up at 7 am and got ready to go to my support group at the senior center. I had not been there for 2 weeks, so it was nice to catch up with everyone. It was nice because Edwin was not there today. I heard from everything that he was a real butt head last week. Without him there, everyone else was able to contribute to the conversations without him trying to be the only person speaking.
After group, 5 of us ladies went over to Red Robin for lunch. It’s funny because when the first of us arrives there, we always tell them that we are waiting for a 3 or 4 others and we’d like to sit in the bar area. They always ask if everyone in the group is over 21, which makes us laugh because we are all over 60.
It was a beautiful day here today. Warm and sunny and a bit breezy. It got up to 81° on my patio.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Gorgeous Weather This Afternoon

Up at 6 am for the Monday dog walk. It was not as cold this morning. It was 44° at 6 am and there was no ice when we were in the park today. We didn’t see any of the regular people out walking this morning, in fact, we were the only ones out on the path.
Didn’t do much today. Read a magazine. Watched TV. Played some online games.
The weather in the afternoon was great. Got up to around 75° so Hiker and I spent a little time out on the patio. The sun felt really good.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beautiful Sunday

I am so mad at myself. I stayed in bed until 8 am again this morning even though I know that I feel better if I get up before 7 am. I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight. I don’t know if it was because of the small earthquake we had earlier in the evening that was keeping me awake.
I was watching a moving last night, Hiker was playing with her little whiffle ball when the little quake shook the house. It only lasted a few seconds and was a very small jolt. Hiker dropped her ball and looked at me when she felt it. Was centered up near Castaic Lake again, about 15 miles from us. They had one there last week too. I didn’t feel that one.
Was in the low 30’s when we got out of bed this morning. It got up into the mid-60’s yesterday afternoon, so it is warming up some.
I was watching a “Hart To Hart” movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and was about to fall asleep, so I put Hiker into the car and we drove over to Central Park and had a really nice walk. Being Sunday, the park was jammed with people playing soccer, baseball and having picnics. Felt much better when we got home. It was good to get out in the cool, fresh air and do some exercise.
Actually got up to 72° here today, but still very old in the morning.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Stayed in bed late this morning. I really need to stop doing that because the longer I stay in bed, the worse I feel when I get up. My muscles and joints ache more.
Watched “Ghost Whisperer” all day on the Cloo Channel.
Did a bunch of laundry today because I was supposed to take three of the group ladies on a little tour of some of the canyons around our valley, but they had to cancel because one of them is sick and another found out there was a family thing she needed to go to. So having no laundry to do tomorrow frees me up to take Hiker out somewhere.
Around 1 pm, while I was watching TV, Hiker went outside and she stood at the sliding door barking at me. She does that when she wants me to come out and play, so we played ball for a little while in the back yard.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Did SoCal Get Moved To the Northeast?

Up at 6 am to get ready for our Friday dog walk with Jean, Charlie and Sassy. My thermometer on the patio showed 25° at 7 am. All the roofs were covered with frost, as was the grass and all of the cars parked on the street. When we got down to the park, the path was covered in ice because they had ran the sprinklers earlier. We had to walk really carefully so we didn’t slip and fall.
Last evening after dinner, I was a little chilly, even with the heater on, so I decided to go soak in a nice hot tub. Someone started shooting off fireworks again and Hiker almost climbed into the tub with me. She had her front paws up on the side of the tub and she started to pull one of her back legs up to get into the tub. I stopped her so she went over and squeezed between the wall and the toilet.
After our dog walk this morning, Hiker and I had breakfast and then we went to buy my lottery tickets. That was around 9:30 am and it was still only in the 30’s outside. Got back home and cleaned house then sat down to watch “Y&R”.
Once again, when we got back from buying the lottery tickets, Hiker did not want her car ride to end so she just sat in the car when I tried to get her out. She even growled at me when I told her she had to get out of the car. I just leave the car door open since the car is in the garage and I go into the house. I check on her a little bit later and she is then at the door to come into the house.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I had planned to stay up watching TV in the living room until midnight last night, but Hiker was already getting scared from the noises going on outside around 10 pm. I kept hearing a noise that sounded like a 45 caliber or larger gun being shot starting around 9 pm.
I decided since Hiker was so frightened that I’d go to bed and let her hide under the covers. She would not go outside to go potty before bedtime even though I walked out there with her thinking maybe she’d calm down some, but she didn’t, so we came back inside and went to bed.
She was fine until about 11 pm when people started shooting off fireworks. She was running all around the bedroom and bathroom trying to find somewhere to hide. She jumped on the bed and went under the covers, but then there was a big boom and she came out and gout between the wall and my dresser in the corner and stayed there for a long time. She finally got back on the bed around 12:30.
Since she had not gone potty since around dinner time last night, I let her outside around 5:30 this morning. It was 27° on my patio at that time. We went back to bed and did not get up until 8 am and it was still only 29° at that time.
Had breakfast and then I balanced my check book, which took me about an hour because I was off by $30 and then remembered I had not written a mobile deposit in my checkbook.
Started watching the “Hart to Hart” marathon on Hallmark Movie and Mystery Channel, but then watched “Y&R” at 11:30 am. I was surprised that it was on since it is a holiday. Went back to “Hart to Hart” later.