Thursday, January 13, 2011

Morning Walk Along San Francisquito Creek Trail

This morning I took a 2.5 mile walk along the San Francisquito Creek Trail in Valencia, CA. The trail runs right along the San Francisquito Creek were in May of 1928, approximately 450 people, while asleep in their beds, were killed when the Saint Francis Dam failed and 12 Billion gallons of water roared down the canyon...a 125 foot high wall of water that washed over towns, farms, home and humans until it found it's way to the Pacific Ocean 50 miles downstream.

The damn before the failure

The dam as it starts to leak

After the failure

Today as I walked along the trail next to the creek, it's hard to envision how it must have been that awful night. The creek bed is almost dry, except for the small trickle of water from the last rainstorm we had. Today the sky was blue and clear and the birds were singing.

If you'd like to read more about the Saint Francis Dam Disaster, here is a link:

1928 Catastrophic St. Francis Dam Failure

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  1. Oh Kay, that is just horrible... I'm sure you felt all of those deaths as you hiked up to where the dam used to be. What a terrible tragedy... I would never want to live downstream from ANY dam...

    Thanks for sharing.


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