Thursday, February 4, 2016

I May Have Changed My Mind

I may have changed my mind about deleting this blog.

For several years, I posted every day...sharing what Hiker and I were up to.

I'm thinking about keeping the blog online, but only post to it when Hiker and I have a special day to share, like a great walk, or a nice hike. Or I'll share day trips I make with friends with information and pictures.

It won't be an "every day" blog, but I'll still be here.




  1. Oh good news. You seem to find interesting places to go with Hiker! Kaye

  2. Please do! I read your blog all the time and was saddened to hear you were taking it down. We really enjoy your posts and would have been sad to see you go. I hope it's more than a once in a while thing!

  3. Sometimes I think about deleting my own... I certainly do not update it like I once did. Even so, it is something like an old friend that I like to visit when life allows the chance. Take care of yourself!


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