Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Brandy goes home and Bristol stays? What the heck is that? I am not a Brandy fan but I cannot believe she went before Bristol. This proves more and more that Sarah Palin and here Tea Party are controlling the voting.Now we all know that in reality, Jennifer should now be the winner because she is the best dancer. Kyle has a chance because of his fantastic personality, but Bristol can't dance and she has the personality of a rock. I was asked on Facebook if it was Chelsea Clinton and not Bristol Palin on DWTS, would I be mad if Chelsea made the finals. I replied "It depends on if she could dance or not". This is NOT about who Bristol is, it's about the fact that she is as stiff as a board when she dances. I would think she'd be embarrassed knowing that she is still on the show just because of her mom. This show is supposed to be about who is the best dancer, NOT who your mother is.

If Bristol ends up winning, fans all over should boycott the show next year. They should write letters to ABC this year complaining about how the voting is done.

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  1. I don't watch these kinds of shows anymore --and in fact, used to get upset at the voters on American Idol... Anytime you have a show like this, certain groups dominate the voting.... It's not always fair ---and most times, the 'wrong' person gets chosen... BUT--it's not the fault of the show... They go by who the voters choose, and for some reason, the voters don't always choose the best people... It's happened all of the time in all of those reality shows--and it's not just this one.... Bristol has alot of fans --just like the others did, in past shows. It's just the way it is.... My advice: don't watch these kinds of shows IF you expect them to be FAIR.



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