Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Cloudy Morning In SoCal

Today was Ben's Saturday to work so I wanted to get out for a walk even though it was cloudy and gray outside. I was checking out one of our city's many walking trails only to find that there was nowhere near the trail for me to park my car. So I drove back down the street to the Bridgeport Marketplace where they have a small park. It is a great spot for taking photographs. I took several shots there and then went across the street to the community of Bridgeport and walked around their man-made lake and took a few more photos. I got in a 1.5 mile walk and also got to participate in my favorite hobby of amateur photography.


  1. Even on a cloudy day, you managed to get some fabulous pictures, Kay... Thanks for sharing.

    How is your hubby doing now?

  2. You couldn't have chosen a more beautiful spot for a walk and picture taking, Kay.



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