Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hiked This Morning

This morning my friend Linda and I went for a hike over in Pico Canyon. We thought we'd have some rain, but thankfully it didn't appear and the sun actually peeked out some.
If you'd like to see some of the photos of our hike, check out my "Hiking With And 'Old' Woman" blog at the following link:

Hiking With An Old Woman

You can also find this link here on the main page of this blog and also on my Photoblog.


  1. Neat, Kay.... So glad you have found a hiking buddy... You all are dressed as if it is cold outside... Thought you were having very warm temperatures...

    I did look at the other blog --but commented on this one. Looked like a fabulous hike.

  2. Great picture Kay. I'll bet you two had an enjoyable time. Do you take lunch in those back packs? I used to walk a lot but never had a place so beautiful. Can't walk as much as I once could because of health problems.


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