Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking Forward To A Fun Weekend

My brother Keith is coming up from Orange County to visit us this weekend. Ben has to work on Saturday, so Keith and I are heading over to Best Buy so I can buy a new laptop computer. Keith is pretty knowledgeable about computers so I want him to help me pick out a good one. I'm leaning toward either an HP or a Dell. I have a Compaq (HP) now. It is about 2 or 3 years old. It has a 15" widescreen and only 512mb of memory. It is running very slow because it is so full of stuff.
I want to get at least a 17" widescreen and I want to get 3gb or 4gb of memory on the new one.
Sunday, Keith and I are going to go hiking over in Pico Canyon. I have never hiked the trail over there, so I am looking forward to seeing what we find along the trail.


  1. Good luck on the laptop search. I've had a Toshiba, HP and now a Dell. My Toshiba lasted about 8 years, it didn't work after we moved here, but I think it is just the hard drive. It, of course, has low ram and hard drive so not worth fixing. HP started going bad after a couple of years, read online of many people having same problems. Got the Dell in 2008, so far so good, but my daughter has a Dell XPS that she got Christmas of 2008, and they have replaced everything on it and she is still getting physical memory dumps. But her sister has the same kind and she has had no problems...Sometimes I think it is just the luck of the draw...ha. Have a great weekend, Sheila

  2. Hi Kay, I can't wait til you and Keith go hiking in Pico Canyon. I'm sure you'll share some great pictures.

    Good Luck getting a new computer.


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