Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

This morning, Ben and I jumped in the car and headed north on Interstate 5. Up and over the Grapevine, down into the San Joaquin Valley. Headed west on Hwy. 166 to the Wind Wolves Preserve. This is 95,000 acres of protected natural area. They have hiking trails, camp grounds and wildflowers.
I wish Ben could go hiking. I would have loved to gone up into the canyon farther. Everything was so green. There was still snow on the mountain tops and they say there are Tule Elk up in the canyon.
Anyway, I did get to walk around the ground a little. Ben mostly stayed in the car or sat at a picnic table. He has bad feet and cannot walk very far without his feet hurting him.

Here is a link about this preserve.

Wind Wolves Preserve

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