Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Discovery Park - New City Park In Canyon Country, CA

They are building a new park right outside of the gates of our community. It will be called "Discovery Park". It is along the usually dry riverbed and they refer to it as a “passive river park designed to encourage barrier-free interaction with the natural environment". It will be 25 acres with picnic facilites, etc.
Modeled after the area’s natural landscape, Discovery Park will aesthetically enhance existing wetlands while minimizing stormwater runoff and improving wildlife habitat and bio-diversity. The park will also offer opportunities for education about Santa Clarita’s native wildlife, scenery and environment.
Designed with sustainability in mind, Discovery Park will include many environmentally-friendly features, such as drought-resistant plants, native and native-adapted landscaping, low volume irrigation and permeable surfaces meant to improve water retention and decrease water consumption.
I've been walking in this area for the past 15 years and have started making a "Photo Diary" of the building of this park, starting with what it looked like before the ground-breaking. I will continue to post photos until the park is complete.

Before the ground-breaking
Bulldozers show up


  1. Hey Kay,

    I have lived in Canyon Country my whole life but just moved into the "city" part of CC over by home depot on soledad. I'm so excited to live there because now I have access to the bike trail and have taken advantage of it with my one year old. So we just recently decided to go to the end of the bike trail by the CVE only to discover the trail now continued to what looks like the starting of a new park! I was so excited that I came home to look it up to see if it was true. And right away your site came up. Thanks for the info and pics! They have done more since your last pictures and I look forward to more. Do you have any idea when it is supposed to open? Thanks, Selena

  2. Hello Anonymous. Hope you come back to check out my answer to your question. Discovery Park is due to open sometime in June. I've been trying to get down there to take new photos, but had family here over the weekend, so didn't get down there.

    Hope you'll follow my blogs.


  3. Hi Kay wanted to see if this would work now see you around the neighborhood


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