Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Thieves In The Night

About 6 or 8 months ago, our community sent around a bulletin telling us to make sure we lock our cars if we park them on the street or in our driveway. Apparently, someone had been getting into unlocked cars and taking small items of value out of them. Had not heard of anymore car pilferers since that time.
Now Ben and I ALWAYS lock our vehicles as we keep them in the driveway all the time. We also NEVER leave anything of value in our vehicles.
Yesterday, Ben and I went to the market, got gas in my Corolla and came home. I thought I had locked it before we went into the house, but apparently I didn't.
This morning I went out to get into the car to go over to WalMart. When I clicked my remote to open the car door, I thought I heard it beep, but maybe I was wrong. When I opened the door I noticed that there were a couple of maps lying on the floor on the passenger side. I keep my maps in the glove box, so I immediately knew something was wrong. I then noticed that my garage door opener was in the wrong place and that the Kleenex box and cloth shopping bags that I keep in the back seat were on the floor and not in the seat where I left them.
I opened the glove box and found a flashlight was missing. I opened the middle console and noticed that a nail clipper and nail file were also missing. Obviously whoever got into the car didn't realize that there was a lower compartment for the console because when I looked in there, it didn't look disturbed and the charger plug for my cell phone was still there. I think they would have taken that if they had know about the lower compartment.
So the took the flashlight, but why would anyone take a nail clipper and nail file?
I called Ben at work and told him about it. He said he thought we had locked the car too, but obviously we didn't. It was not broken into and if it had been it has an alarm that would have gone off.
I went to WalMart and when I got home I reported the car pilfering to our guard at the gate of our community. She told me to call the sheriff which I did. They are supposed to send someone to the house to take a report.
That's a problem too. Just because we are in a gated community, the sheriff's department does not patrol our neighborhood as well as they should. In fact, most of the time when we call them with a problem, they tell us to report it to our "home owner's association". We DO NOT have a home owner's association and I've told them that several times.
So now I'm sitting here waiting for a deputy to show up to take the report.

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  1. I'm sorry Kay... We had alot of theft when we lived in New Orleans... Got the back speakers ripped out of my back window once... People will do anything.

    When my youngest son lived at an apartment complex in Charlotte, NC, someone broke into his car (broke the window) and stole all of his CD's... AND---he had LOTS of them... I felt so sorry for him..

    Glad you didn't have anything of value in your car... Scary--especially since you live in a gated community.... Yipes...

    Hope the rest of your weekend is better.


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