Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Wild Birds

As I mentioned a few posts back, I created a "homemade" birdbath a few months ago and the wild birds just never seemed to take to it. Only once did I see a bird jump into it and then immediately take off instead of stay and splash around.
I also put up a hanging bird seed feeder for them, but I found that they threw more seed onto the ground than they were actually eating and it was going to waste because the sprinklers would come on at night an soak the seed and then the ground feeder birds would not touch it.
I decided to empty the water out of my birdbath, dry it out really good and put some bird seed into it and see how that worked. Well it seems to be a big hit!

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  1. Your little birds love that birdbath, don't they, Kay???? CUTE!!!

    I left two comments about the balloons that you saw---and I don't think that Blogger accepted either... Anyhow, I loved seeing both the hot-air balloons and the park pictures.



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