Friday, October 15, 2010

Day At The Doctor

Took Ben down to Panorama City Kaiser facility this morning for the pre-op with his ophthalmologist. Had a 9:15 appointment, but they took us in as soon as we got there. They dilated his eyes and then we sat in the "dark" room for about 15 or 20 minutes. Doctor checked his eyes and then sent him over to have a sonogram done on his left eye (the one that the surgery will be done on). They also gave him an injection into that eye. They said it was something that would help prepare the eye for the surgery next Wednesday. They gave us some eye drops that contain antibiotics for Ben to start using today.
We then had to go over to the Center Medical Offices to talk with an RN about the surgery. She gave us some instructions and then sent us over to the Admitting Office at the hospital so we could pre-register Ben for the surgery.
We finally got home around 12:30 and went over to Hometown Buffet for lunch.
Sure will be glad when all of this is done.

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  1. Hi Kay, I will pray for Ben... I hope the surgery is successful... Please keep us posted...

    Love and Prayers,


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