Sunday, October 31, 2010


Another beautiful day here in SoCal. Hit about 80 degrees here today. We went for a "Sunday Drive" through Soledad Canyon near Acton, CA this afternoon.

Guess the little "goblins" will be out tonight. We have not given out candy in years. We used to live in a mobile home park and they didn't allow kids to come into the park to trick or treat, so we got out of the habit back then. Never got back into it when we moved to where we live now.
Have fun whatever you are doing for Halloween.


  1. Beautiful photo. I love the simple scenery.

    Apparently Halloween hit it's peak here in NZ a few years ago (or so I hear) and trick or treating just never caught on. They do sell a few costumes, but it's not huge at all.

  2. The kids just got bigger and bigger so we stopped doing Halloween.

  3. Beautiful picture, Kay..... How is your hubby doing now? Hope he is okay....

    We don't have Trick-or-Treaters here either.... Too many retired folks...



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