Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well tomorrow Ben will finally have the surgery done on his eye. I think I'm more nervous about it than he is. I know I'm nervous about what time we'll have to be there tomorrow. They are supposed to call us tonight between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM telling us what time to arrive at the hospital. Don't know why they cannot tell you that several days in advance. The I have to drive him down there...about a 20 to 25 mile trip. The traffic going down is terrible in the mornings so I'm hoping they don't want him there too early. Plus we are having rain storms here in SoCal, so that makes the traffic even worse. I hate driving in the rain.
The surgery will take 1 1/2 to 2 hours so I'll have to hang around the waiting room waiting. I'll take a book with me, but when I'm nervous or in a noisy public place, I cannot concentrate on what I am reading. If it's close to lunch time, I'll spend some of the time waiting down in the cafeteria.
If the doctor needs to be a gas bubble or gel bubble in his eye to support the retina after the surgery, Ben will have to have a second surgery to remove it. He's not happy about that. Plus the doctor said he cannot guarantee that Ben's eyesight in the left eye will be any better, so Ben's REALLY NOT happy about that.
I'll just be glad when the whole thing is done.

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  1. I can so empathize ... a few years ago now, I had to take my Mom in, on two different occasions, for corneal transplants. I had to have her in the big city hospital EARLY which meant rush hour traffic which in Vancouver is horrific. I'm a nervous driver though a good driver.

    I too can't read when nervous and waiting. Sometimes I can make a little headway on a Sudoku but mostly I people watch.


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