Thursday, October 28, 2010

Road Rage

Well this morning I had a little bout with a woman who seemed to have a case of Road Rage.

Ben and I were heading over to our local post office to mail a few things. We were about 3 blocks from home. I was driving. There is a stop sign at this particular corner and the woman in front of us made her stop. I pulled up behind her. She was the first vehicle at the stop sign, so she had the right-of-way to make her turn after she completed her stop, however, she let the vehicle to her left go first. When the intersection was clear, she continued to just sit there. She had picked something up out of her passenger seat and appeared to be writing on a pad or something.

By now there were 2 more vehicles behind me and we were all sitting there waiting for her to move. After about 30 seconds, I honked my horn and put my hands up in the air like I was asking "What are you waiting for"? Next thing I know this woman is out of her car and heading back towards my car, yelling and waving her arms around. She then accuses me of "flipping her off". I told her I did NOT flip her off, that I had just put my hands up questioning her intentions. After saying that, I rolled my window up and let her stand there and yell, which she was doing very loudly.

She continued to rant and rave at me, telling me that I had some kind of a problem and that I was going to have a "f--king" heart attack if I didn't watch myself.

So now I try to back up a little so that I can get away from this crazy woman. I didn't have much room. As I said before there were now 2 other vehicles behind me. I found just enough space to turn my wheels and try to pull around this nut and her vehicle. But then she puts her arms out and proceeds to stand right in front of my car still yelling at the top of her lungs. I kept trying to go around her but every time I did, she'd step right in front of my car again. Finally, she backed down a little and I went around her and her car and went on my way, only to see her jump into her car and proceed to chase me down the street.

At the next corner, I made my right turn to head toward the post office. First she zooms around me and races off ahead of me, only to be stopped by the traffic light. She is 2 lanes over from me but keeps looking over and waving her hands around. The light changes, we start up. The next light changes and this time, she jumps in behind me and when I look in my rear view mirror, she is writing something on a tablet, my license number I assume. I said to Ben that I don't know what she thought she was going to do with that information.

The light changes and we head off down the road again. Now she flies around me again and races off down the street only to be stopped at the next signal. By this time, Ben and I are cracking up. She is in the lane next to us and she is still yelling and waving her arms.

Finally, after this light turns green, she speeds off down the road and we lost track of her.

What's troublesome though is the fact that she probably lives in our gated community and if she's as crazy as she appears to be, she's liable to look for our car (if she did indeed write down our license number) and start harassing us. Hopefully not.


  1. Oh my, who's about to have a heart attack here ... if not an accident first?!

  2. Oh how scary, Kay.... I learned the hard way (just like you) NOT to blow my horn at anyone these days. I had a similar incident happen to me years ago --when I had a grandchild in my car. Scared me to death...

    There are so many nutty people --and one never knows what someone will do... I'm always afraid that they will get their guns out.... Yipes..

    Hope you never see that woman again...

  3. That was a close call. Hope you have no more trouble with her. Take care, Sheila

  4. Oh no what IS wrong with people?


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