Friday, April 29, 2011

Generic Friday Update For Ben

Ben was talking up a storm today when Linda and I went to visit him. They did "pet therapy" today and they brought a chocolate brown lab in to visit Ben. The dog's name was Winston. Ben told us the nurses had given him a shower and how good it felt. He love it. I was also told by his physical therapist that he did very well again today. Ben was being transported back to Kaiser this afternoon to have a Picc Line put into his arm. He had pulled his last one out before he left Kaiser last week and Dr. Shantha at All Saints was a little mad about them not replacing it with a new one before they sent Ben to her facility. I have to find out tomorrow morning if he is back at All Saints yet or if he is still over at Kaiser ER. All Saints does not have the ultrasound equipment to insert a Picc Line so they have to send him to Kaiser so a specialist can do it. His kidneys might be failing again too, so don't know if Kaiser was going to keep him for observation or not. I hope the do not keep him long because I'm afraid he might back-slide. He kept telling me he was going to "sneak out tonight" and he really go mad at me because I would not bring him home with me. Today was somewhat of a "crazy" day with him.

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