Monday, April 25, 2011

"Generic" Monday Update For Ben

Got home late tonight. Ben was moved from hospital to All Saints Healthcare Sub-acute facility. Had to wait until ambulance came for him and then followed them over to the facility and met him there. Spent about 30 minutes with him there this evening. This morning he was awake and very alert. He "talked" a little today and joked and made faces. Doctor felt he was stable enough to move and said hospital could not do much more for him so he needed the expertise for the sub-acute unit. Please pray that they will get him off of the vent soon and give him a lot of physical therapy so he can come home soon.


  1. I do and will pray for Ben and you.

  2. Sending up more prayers for Ben that he will soon get off the vent and gain enough strength to come back home where he belongs.

  3. Pray they can do for Ben what needs to be done and get him home soon. I know it is exhausting going to the hospital everyday.

  4. This sounds like a step in the right direction; hope he improves quickly there and can come home soon!


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