Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Update For Ben

Just got home a little while ago. They inserted a trach tube into Ben's neck this morning at 10:30 AM. The surgeon said he had no bleeding and everything went very well. Now Ben looks more relaxed and more comfortable. His vitals are good, color is good, no fever and his blood sugar is down to 102. I met Dr. Connado today. She is his ICU doctor right now and she was very nice. She said it's time to move Ben to a "secondary unit" which I assumed meant he would be going back to DOU. She also told me like the other doctors have told me that his recovery is going to be a long a slow one because he is so weak. She also said he looked much less swollen to her today. They still have not yet figured out what has been causing the fevers now and then but that they have bombarded his body with antibiotics and they are hopeful that this will stop the fevers. I was very happy about all of this until I got a phone call from a Kaiser case worker. She told me that they now want to move Ben to a "Trachea Care Unit". The nearest one to us is in North Hills about 25 miles away. They are going to have someone come talk to me on Monday about moving him and what happens then. I need to write a bunch of questions about this move and what they do at this place. Now I'm a little upset again, even though Ben seems to be doing much better now. I'm attaching a photo I took of Ben this afternoon.


  1. God Bless him, he looks so sweet, despite all he has been through.
    I pray he will get the continued healing he deserves, and this will soon all be behind him, and yourself.

  2. Still sending up prayers for both of you. Helen

  3. It looks as if he is smiling. Hope the move will go smooth and he keeps improving.

  4. Wonderful he can almost smile, God bless you both.


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