Friday, September 30, 2016

Harvest Festival Time

Up at 6 am for a dog walk with my neighbor Jean at 7 am. Came home and had a bowl of cereal and then Jean and I headed up to the Ventura fairgrounds to the annual Harvest Festival. We go every year.
The weather was so nice up there. Sunny, in the 70’s and a nice cool sea breeze. After the festival, we headed over to Ventura Harbor Village for some fish and chips at Andria’s and then we walked around the shops in the village.
On the way home, we stopped by the Dollar Tree store in Fillmore and then headed home.
Hiker was so happy to see me. She greeted me at the door and was jumping all over me trying to kiss me. She followed me into the bathroom and kept trying to kiss me. I think she just wanted some treats (LOL).
Went up to get my mail and got the results from my mammogram. Everything looked normal. I was surprised to hear from them so soon because it used to take 2 weeks before I would get the results back. It’s only been 4 days.

Was still hot here in Santa Clarita. Was 99° when I got home from Ventura. They keep saying we are supposed to get down into the low to mid 80’s. Wish that would happen soon.


  1. Hi Kay, I was briefly looking up SCV history (as I always do thinking I will see something new) and when I look up my step father who was partners will Charlie Dillenbeck with Dillenbecks Market I came across your blog. I laughed to myself because I read you went to the Harvest Festival in Ventura. I was there to and I go every year. Anyhow just wanted to say hello I grew up here inSanta Clarita and I'm always wishing it was like the old days. Which is why I'm always looking up old stuff
    Loved reading your blog from back in the day.
    Happy Blogging

  2. Hi Kay I apologize if you already received a comment from me. I posted it but it says I didn't LOL. Anyhow, bare with me I have no social media or let alone know how to do it. ��. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading thru some of your blogs especially the old SCV. My step father was Frank Collins who was partners with Charlie Dillenbeck with Dillenbecks market. I love researching old SCV as I grew up here and miss the old days. I thought it was funny that you said Harvest Festival time! I was at the Ventura one also and that's what made me comment. Anyhow, I enjoy reading your blogs.
    Thank you


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