Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, since we did not hear from the carpet guy during the week to confirm they would be here today to lay the carpet and install the vinyl, we assumed that meant they were NOT coming. We went over to the bank this morning and when we got back, there was a message on our machine from the guard gate saying the carpet guys were here and went over to Bill's house since we were not home. I tried to call Bill but got his voicemail again. So I jumped in the car and headed over to his house and there were the carpet guys parked out front. I stopped to talk to them and they said he was not home, even though his garage door and front door were wide open. I explained to them that he had not confirmed that they were coming today so we had not disconnected any of our electronics or moved any small furniture out yet. They called their boss Armondo (who had come here and measured for the carpet). They gave me the phone to talk to him and I explained the whole thing to him and he apologized and asked when did I want him to come back and install the carpet and vinyl. I told him Tuesday would be good. He said he will be here at 8:30 am on Tuesday and that he will try to find out where Bill is. That way Ben is home that day plus it will give us time to move some things.

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  1. Oh My.... SO typical!!!!! Companies aren't very good at communications, are they? Hope you can finally get it done on Tuesday.

    Have a nice weekend.


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