Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am pooped!
Spent all day Sunday and Monday moving things our of the house into the garage so that Tuesday the carpet installers could come and do their job. I moved a lot of small furniture that I could handle, disconnected my computer, television, etc.
They arrived around 8:15 am on Tuesday and it took them about 8 hours to install the carpet and the new vinyl floor in the kitchen. They helped us move the big heavy furniture out. Before they left, they moved it back in for us too.
After they left, Ben and I started putting some of the smaller stuff away. Worked for about 2 hours.
This morning Ben and I continued moving stuff back into the house. Worked on it all day and we are still not finished. I cannot believe how much JUNK we have accumulated through the years. Moving things out to have new carpet installed is as bad as moving from one house to another.
Ben has to go back to work tomorrow, so I'll have to finish up.

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  1. A job well-done, Kay.... I'm sure all of your hard work will be worth it --once you get everything back to normal... Congrats on new flooring and carpet!!!!

    Happy 4th..


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