Thursday, June 10, 2010


Since I went to the trouble of making my own bird bath I decided to go and buy a bird feeder and some bird seed. Still have not had any "swimmers" in the bath yet, but I have had a few birds stop by the feeder. Seems to me that they throw more seed out of the feeder than they actually eat. Was wondering if there was some way to put something on the ground under the feeder to collect the seed they toss out and re-use it???
Anyway, I took a few photos of the birds that have stopped by. I don't know my birds, so I'm just guessing that they are house finches and/or sparrows since I know that we have those kinds in our area.

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  1. They look like sparrows, but not sure of the orange breasted bird ?
    I usually don't mind the seed falling on the ground, that way the doves have something to eat, unless you have cats around, most birds will ground feed.
    I'm sure theyu appreciate the birdbath, once they discover it's there.


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