Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flooring Estimate

Had a guy who lives in our community who does flooring to come by and give us an estimate for new carpet and new vinyl flooring in our kitchen.
We need new carpet in our living/dining area, master bedroom and bath and in the smaller bedroom that we use for our office.
I've never liked the vinyl floor that is in our kitchen right now, so I've been wanting to change that too.
Anyway, he estimated just around $2500 for everything (carpet/pad/installation/vinyl and tax) which I think is an excellent price.
Now we are waiting for his guy to come and do the exact measurements and then they will order everything and let us know when they will install it.
I just hate to think about having to disconnect the cables for my computer and the wiring for the TV and digital box because I'm the one who has to do it all. Plus I won't be able to get on the computer until they get done with the office.
No TV and no computer....what the heck will I do with myself?

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  1. Well---it's the price we all have to pay for keeping our homes beautiful... Those few days will go by quickly I'm sure. Maybe he'll work with you and do those areas FIRST.

    Keep us posted... AND--once it's done, send pictures.


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