Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Update For Ben

Still no weaning from the ventilator this morning and I do NOT understand this. Ben was doing really well on the weaning last week. His vitals were good except when I got there this morning, they told me he had a fever of 104° but by the time I left this afternoon, it was down to 101.5°. His blood sugar was down to 126 so they did not have to give him insulin. I think that's because they took him off of the glucose. Ben was very tired again today, but I'm thinking that was because of the fever. The morning nurse told me that they are planning to doing the tracheotomy tomorrow sometime. The anesthesiologist came in too and explained what their plans are. They will do it right in his room instead of in the OR and it only takes about 30 minutes. She did say though that it all depends on if they can get his INR down to the right level so his blood will clot. It was 1.8 today. They started giving him Vitamin K and plasma to prep him for the Trach. They will stop his tube feeding tonight which is also in preparation for it. The hospital chaplain came in this morning and prayed with us. He told me he's been visiting Ben every day and prays with him. Ben gets so mad at me now when I keep telling him over and over to NOT GIVE UP ON GETTING WELL and to follow what the doctors and nurses tell him and to cooperate with them. Today the ICU doctor was Dr. Connado, but I never did see him. They said he was there early this morning but then left the area. I just got back from Wal-Mart where I finally bought Ben a portable DVD player so I need to get it charged up so I can take it with me when I go back to the hospital. I am NOT going to leave it there with him though. It will be his anniversary present from my. April 5th is our 31st wedding anniversary. You want to trust people, but you never really know if you can.

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