Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Day At The Doctor

Had to take Ben back down to the Kaiser in Panorama City this morning, but not for his colon problem. That hopefully has all been fixed. Anyway, I had to take him to his Ophthalmogist again. They still could not do anything on his left eye because there is still too much blood floating around inside of it for them to see anything. He has to go back in a month and at that time, the doctor may discuss surgery on the eye.
After the doctor visit, we headed over to a new Bob's Big Boy and had lunch. The Big Boy Combo is just as good as it ever was. We've wondered why they closed down to many Bob's Big Boys and now they have started building new ones everywhere, but I'm glad they are.
Tomorrow our city is having it's "Earth Day/Arbor Day" celebration, so we "might" go to that. Depends on how crowded it is and if we can find a place to park.
Taking Ben to our regular doctor on Monday morning for a follow-up from his hospital stay. We are hoping that he will take Ben off the Iron supplements, put him back on his high blood pressure (as his b/p is up again) and also tell him he can go back to work.

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