Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week Ago.....

A week ago, I posted a note about our neighbor's cat Marmalade and the fact that he had gone missing on Good Friday. He has never returned. Marmalade spent a lot of his time at our house because our neighbors are always gone so we felt like he was our cat.
I spoke with my neighbor today. She said that she had gone around the neighborhood asking other neighbors if they had seen him. Someone told her that they had seen a horned owl attacking a cat in our community late one night when they were driving in from work.
My neighbor told me that she had found large bird droppings on her patio and she ID'd it from the Internet as owl droppings.
I have seen a red-tailed hawk around here, but no owls, but I know that because we live right next to the hills that we have coyotes (which we have seen inside our community), bobcats, opossums, racoons and even bears, and I know there are horned owls over in Placerita Canyon where I hike.
So now maybe we know what happend to our sweet "Marmie". I miss him a lot.

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  1. Oh how sad, Kay.... I hate it when things like this happen... But--it's nature and it does happen... I'm so sorry.

    P.S. Hope hubby is still doing fine.


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