Saturday, April 3, 2010

Up Late

I'm up late tonight. I usually go to bed at 10:00 PM and it is now after 11:00 PM and here I sit at my computer.
I am sad tonight. I think in some of my older posts I mentioned my neighbor's cat Marmalade. He's not our cat, but since the neighbors are gone a lot, he spends a lot of time over at our house. We feel like he is our cat. We even have a place in our garage for him to sleep and have dry food and water when he wants to come in from outside. He's very lovable.
Anyway, he's been missing for 48 hours now and I'm worried that a coyote has gotten him. We always hear coyotes yipping around here early in the morning.
We found a clump of Marmalade's fur in our front yard Friday morning. If it wasn't for that clump, I don't think we'd be so worried about him.
The neighbors are two girls in their 20's. They leave him outside all the time, even when they are gone for several days. Once they were gone for a week and a half. It was the middle of winter, rainy and cold, so we would find him and bring him inside at night with us. He does not have front claws.
My husband and I have driven around looking for him. When we talked to the neighbors that own him about him missing, they were like "oh well".
I keep thinking about him and his cute little face and it makes me cry.


  1. Maybe he's just hiding out for awhile, I hope nothing bad happened to him. Take care, Sheila

  2. It's that time of year., so maybe he has a girlfriend and is prowling. Our tomcat would sometimes be gone for weeks and come home beat up from fighting other toms, growl for food, sleep a few days and be gone again. The fur you found just may be from territorial fighting, so don't worry. Cats are very independent this time of the year. I hope he returns soon, proud that he won a mate and hungry. Too bad the young gals, teens at heart, obviously, don't take better care.
    Bless Your Kind Hearts

  3. Dar, Marmalade is "neutered" so I really doubt he's out on the prowl for a girlfriend.


  4. Just stopping by, and so sorry to read about Marmalade ;(
    A cat that is declawed should never be allowed outside, unless in a fenced yard, why do people think it is OK for them to do that ?
    I'm saying a little prayer that he will return safely to you, he could have been confronted, and now hiding out, scared.
    We'll thinking that OK ?
    Sending postive thoughts and hugs your way !


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