Saturday, April 24, 2010

Morning Hike

Went on a 3.5 mile morning hike over in Towsley Canyon. Ben worked today, so I just had to get out for a nice walk. Most of the wildflowers are gone now, but the purple thistles are blooming like crazy.

There were a lot of people over in Towsley today. More than I've ever seen before on any of my hikes there. the parking lots were full, but luckily I found a spot to park in the "free" parking area. I even passed a "guided nature tour" group of about 12 people and 2 dogs. I've never seen a "guided" tour in Towsley. I've seen a lot of them over in Placerita Canyon.
Took me about 1 hour 10 minues for the hike. I once hiked the entire 5.1 mile loop trail in this canyon (back in 2008), but once was enough. Now I average 2 to 4 miles on my hikes.

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