Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day

Busy day. Went to pick up Ben's B/P meds, then stopped by WalMart on the way home. Came home and ran my weekly/monthly scans on my computers and cleaned up the files. Went outside and pulled some weeds. Didn't get to walk though


  1. Oh, Kay, Your Calif. Poppy Header is gorgeous!

  2. Sounds like a busy day to me. Sounds like hubby is feeling better too. And how bout you? Isn't it funny, I was taking my meds this morning myself, and I thought , I wonder how Kay is doing with her triglycerides? Mine are finally leveling out but I am so much more active now that I can get outside. Take care. and
    God Bless

  3. Love your header also, Kay.... AND---I count pulling weeds as exercise.... Don't you???? At least, it's exercise to the back of my legs for bending over... ha ha



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