Saturday, May 8, 2010

Patio Is Covered

The carpenters showed up at 7:15 am this morning to start building our patio cover. Good thing I was up and dressed. Ben left for work and I've been sitting here all day listening to the hammering and sawing. Around 3:00 pm, the carpenters were finished. They cleaned up their mess and then the roofer showed up. He is up on the roof right now putting the tar paper and shingles on the patio cover. Monday the painters will come and paint the wood and finish everything up. The foreman had me come out and look at their work and I must say I am very pleased with it. It feels like we have another room added to the house now and for some reason, it makes the patio seem bigger.
I'm having the foreman find us some new screens for our sliding patio doors as the ones we have now are all rusted. He also recommended someone to me to talk to about having new carpeting put in our house.
I will post before and after photos of the patio when everything is completely done.

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