Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really Nice Day

I went over to WalMart this morning and bought a planter and some potting soil but could not find a plant I liked. I wanted one on my patio. I went up to Lowe's and bought some geraniums for the pot because they are a nice flower for a pot on the patio.

I hung and wind chime, a thermometer and a clock on the patio. Now that it's covered I can have those things because they won't be out in the weather.

I washed my resin patio chairs with soap and water. I have pads for them but won't keep them on all the time because the wind might blow them away. I will put them out whenever we need to use the chairs.

The weather was really nice. It was about 80 degrees.


  1. I will Gladly take that 80 degrees. It's been raining like we asked for, all day but it's also cold out. Sounds like you are ready for the sun to shine, the birds to sing and the breeze to keep you cool. Send some heat.

  2. Oh Kay, You two are really going to enjoy your patio... You'll probably live out there!!!!!

    You are so right... The Red-headed woodpecker is WOODY... ha


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