Thursday, May 20, 2010

Windy, Warm Day

I'm sitting out on my covered patio enjoying the 80 degree weather and the wind. Just listening to my wind chimes and the birds sing. Did my 30-minute workout on my exercycle out here this morning too. I moved the exercycle out onto the patio the other day and put a cover over it. It took up a lot of room in the house. It was nice to come out here and read a book while I pedaled.

Went online and did my jury service orientation this morning in case I have to report in 2 weeks. If you do the orientation online, you don't have to show up as early the first day you report. Normal time to report is 8:00 am, but if I do have to report, I won't have to go in now until 11:30 am on the first day. I'm hoping I won't have to report, but if I do, that will be much better than sitting around all those extra house for nothing. Last time I had to report for jury duty, I arrived at 8:00 am and didn't get to leave until 5:00 pm. How boring that was.


  1. Good morning Kay. Are those California poppies on your header? Beautiful. They are not easy to grow in my area. Every year I plant them and only a few sprout and grow.

    Visited your hiking blog. Lovely country you're hiking thru.

  2. Yes Marnie, those are California Poppies, our state flower. I took that photograph near the California Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley near Lancaster, CA



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