Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Overcast Day

We've had another day of "May-Gray" here in SoCal. But I'm not complaining because in about a month we will start getting our 100+ degree days and we will be stuck with them until the end of October.
Went for a short walk this morning. I'd rather go hiking but I'm worried about the snakes being out.
I need to start getting organized for our over-night trip up to Visalia, CA on Tuesday/Wednesday, where we will try to find a motel room and then head over to Sequoia National Park. I've never been there and I wish we could stay a little longer, but Ben does not get paid vacations or sick leave, so we have to go on his 2 days off. But it will be nice to just get away from home and the hum-drum routine.
I'm hoping that maybe this summer we will be able to go up to Northern California while our friends are up there in their 5th wheel. They will be up there for 3 months, so maybe we can join them for a week. Just have to wait and see. Ben would have to take time off without pay.

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