Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Indoors

Spent most of my day inside today. It was in the mid-90's outside.
I took my morning walk while it was still around 70 degrees. Was really nice out this morning. After I got back, I had breakfast and then went up to Kohls. They sent me a free $10 gift card in the mail. I got one from them back when they had their grand opening last year and was really surprised when I received another one since I don't even have a credit card with them. Anyway, I bought two more tops with the gift card. I only had to put in about $4 of my own money. Not bad.
Came home, had lunch and watched "The Young & The Restless", then I started working on my family tree again. I got enough information together to set up my home page at (the Mormon website) so that they will publish my ancestry information. Now I have to wait for them to notify me that they have accepted my file.

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  1. I love Kohl's especially when they have sales...


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