Friday, May 1, 2009


I just felt a little earthquake. Thought it was my imagination until the cut in on the TV and told about it. It was a 4.4 magnitude and located in Westlake Village which is about 47 miles southwest of us.


  1. Scary! I'm so glad that it wasn't any worse than it was...

  2. an earthquake??? snakes??? wow...things sure are hopping your way??? LOL...and your "family" hunt....I so enjoyed doing that...and have gone about as far as I can...unless I find someone who can give me any info...most of my family are gone...but I find it fascinating to learn about where and when we all came from....have done both sides of our family...and hubbies also....glad you have a nice place to you so enjoy it....take care...happy day from KY....Ora


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