Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have no water at my house today.
We live in a gated community of manufactured homes that sit on foundations and there are about 400 homes in our community. This morning after my walk I came home to fix my breakfast only to find that there was no water when I tried to use the kitchen sink.
I called our community office and Marcie (the receptionist there) said that there is a "major" problem and that she could not say when the water might be back on and that her phone was ringing off the hook.
I jumped into my car and drove around the community and saw where the workers have a huge hole dug over near our recreation facility and that they have all of the fire hydrants open to release the water out of all of the underground pipes.
My guess is that we have a break in a main water pipeline somewhere under our streets. This is not good and who knows when we may have running water again.

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