Friday, July 24, 2009

Out To Lunch

Today we are going out to lunch with our friends Karren and Wally. We will either go to Chilis or to Rattlers BBQ.
I just heard yesterday that there is a class action lawsuit against Denny's Restuarants claiming that the food they serve can "kill people".
Some people will file a lawsuit on anything.
I realize that we cannot control the ingredients restaurants use, or control how they prepare the food, but it is up to us as individuals as to whether or not we want to eat there.
Should we start a class action lawsuit against our cities because we "might" get killed driving on the roads they built?
Get real people.


  1. This is unreal, solialism. What happen to being responsible for self and what you eat.

  2. Lawsuits have just gotten too far out of hand. Makes me sick!


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