Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy Thursday

Well, I am just going crazy with our televisions.
Last January, we bought 3 new HDTV LCD Flat screen Televisions, all Vizio brand. We have Time Warner Cable for all 3 of them. We have the 42" one hooked up in the living room with an TW HD Digital box so we can pick up a lot of channels. The 26" in our bedroom and the 20" in our computer room are just hooked directly to the "basic cable" but we still the digital channels that are available for free (no HD box required).
All 3 sets have been working fine since January. Three days ago, we noticed that on the 2 small sets (26" and 20") that Time Warner had rearranged the channel line-up on the basic cable. I scanned both TVs to get the new line-up. Everything worked fine until the next evening, we see that TW has changed the line-up again, so I scanned both TVs again and they worked fine for another day. But then last night, it appeared that TW had changed the line-up again! And once again I scanned both sets.
This morning the 20" in the computer room is still working just fine and picks up the "free" digital channels, however, the 26" in the bedroom is NOT picking up the "free" digital channels for some reason. The scan finds them, but they show "no signal" when we try to watch them. Now both of these TVs should get the same line-up as they are connected to the same basic cable coming in from the street.
I contacted Time Warner and the said they didn't know anything about any channel line-up changes, but then I was talking to someone in India so how would they know anyway?
I disconnected the 26" from the cable in the bedroom and brought it into the computer room and reconnected it to the cable here. The "free" digital channels didn't work here either, so obviously, it appears to be the tuner inside the television that is not working, NOT the cable.
Everything was working fine on it until 3 days ago when TW started playing with the line-up.
These cable companies and satellite companies sure have us by the "you now what".

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  1. Maybe if you borrow a 3rd grader he can figure it all out. I think "they" are trying to drive us oldsters crazy. lol Good luck.


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