Friday, July 31, 2009


Sometimes I like to do crafts. I've made wind chimes, lawn decorations, worked with latch-hook and needlepoint. Lately I've been doing some beading. I've made myself and some friends several necklaces and now I'm making stretch bracelets.
I made myself some with Pony Beads and with Glass Beads. I gave my friend Judy a couple of bracelets that I made for her birthday. She loves cats, so I made here an "I "heart" Cats" bracelet with Pony Beads and then I made her a really pretty one with different shades of blue glass beads to match a blue glass necklace I made for her last year. She asked me to make some bracelets for her 2 granddaughters (Bre and Ashley) and to make an "heart"Pigs"heart" bracelet for her daughter who is raising a potbellied pig named Ruthy.
I've also made one for my niece Stephanie that reads "I "heart" God" and one for my brother Keith that is red and has "L.A. Angels" on it as that is his favorite baseball team.
Below are photos of the 3 bracelets I made for them. I'll post some photos of some of my glass ones later.

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  1. Very Pretty! I started doing latchhook when my husband was home with a bad stroke and the weather was bad so we didn't get out much. I enjoyed it at the time but now I'm afraid the computer takes up all my free time and then some. lol


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