Tuesday, July 21, 2009

History Of Santa Clarita Valley, CA #28

Six Flags Magic MountainThe amusement park opened back in 1971 on Memorial Day when it was simply called ‘Magic Mountain’ and it wasn’t until 1979 when the amusement park ‘giant’, Six Flags, bought the park and re-branded it using the ‘Six Flags’ title.In the mid 1970s, the amusement park introduced ‘Revolution’ which, at the time, was the first 360-degree looping roller coaster in the world. Still popular today, the tracks are surrounded with bushes and trees, which add to the excitement, as you’re not able to guess the layout of the track before riding. This amusement park ride was the inspiration behind the film ‘Roller Coaster’ which was released in 1977 and, due to the proximity of the amusement park to Hollywood, it has continued to be used as a backdrop for many films and TV series.A low point in the amusement park’s history came in 2006 when Six Flags announced that Magic Mountain was one of its flagship amusement parks which were being considered for closure. Apart from dwindling attendance figures, another reason cited for possible closure by the amusement park’s officials was that general rowdy behavior by young adults and teenagers – which made up a large majority of the amusement park’s visitors – was to blame. However, in early 2007, when Six Flags announced which of its amusement parks were to close, Magic Mountain was given a reprieve. Today, it has become much more of an all-round family orientated amusement park with its Looney Tunes characters theme rides and, in 2008, work commenced on its ‘Magic of the Mountain’ museum. Situated on the top of the amusement park’s Sky Tower, the museum is jam packed with old memorabilia of the park as well as featuring a history of its TV commercials and there are even parts of old rides on show.However, the amusement park still likes to keep up with its long held tradition of offering some of the most thrill seeking rides around with ‘Batman the Ride’, X2 and ‘The Riddler’s Revenge’ – the world’s fastest and tallest stand up roller coaster. In May 2009, the amusement park launches its latest daredevil ride – ‘Terminator Salvation: The Ride.’

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