Friday, July 31, 2009

Update On My Television Problem Posted Yesterday

This morning I sent an email to Vizio telling them about the problem we are having with our 26" flat screen television. They emailed back and asked me to call their technical support people so that they could work with me over the phone. I called them and they had me do a few things, like disconnect everything, do a "reset" with the power button, etc. but it didn't help.
Also to my surprise, I checked my paperwork for the television and found that we actually purchased it on 1-27-08, so it is out of warranty. Ben and I kept thinking that we had just bought it in January 2009. (Time flies when you get older).
Well the Vizio tech said it sounds like the tuner has a short in it and since it is NOT under warranty anymore, they gave me the phone number of a repair contractor they use to have them send a Vizio trained repair person to come to our house to check it out, at our cost of course.
I called the repair contractor but all of their representatives were busy, so they made me leave a voice message and said they would return my call. Hopefully they will call back or I'll have to call them again tomorrow. I'll ask them if they charge a fee just to come to the house and if they can give me an estimate on the price of a new tuner and their labor costs. If we feel that the price is too much, it might just be cheaper for us to go and purchase another television instead of replacing the tuner.
But I keep thinking that in this day and age, a tuner should not cost that much and the labor should be simple. It's probably like a computer, unplug the part and plug the new one back in.
Will just have to wait now and see.

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  1. Hope you get this all ironed out without spending too much. Gosh life is fun now days, isn't it?


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