Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are We Surprised?

Are we surprised that suddenly Debbie Rowe, the so-called biological mother of Michael Jackon's two older children is now trying to make up her mind as to whether or not she wants to file for custody of those two children? Hey, whoever gets the kids also gets millions of dollars to take care of them. Sounds like a profitable decision to me.
She never wanted them before, so what kind of a mother would she be? Not that I ever thought MJ was a "responsible" father either.
I'm skeptical that she is the mother. She never wanted anything to do with them. She was paid to have them, if she actually did, so it was just a business deal between her and MJ. I never did believe that she and MJ created those children "naturally".
But to tell you the truth, I do NOT believe that MJ is the biological father of any of those children either. They are "too white" and do not look anything like him (or Rowe for that matter). Usually when children are 1/2 black, 1/2 white, the black blood is more dominant. None of them appear to have a drop black blood in them.
I just hope that these three children do not end up being fought over and separated.


  1. Good points Kay. The kids are also really cute and I don't think they look like either one of them. I just hope whatever the decision is concerning the children that it is totally in their best interest. I always thought Debbie Rowe was a nut case, I wonder if she even has the money to fight for the kids. I can't remember if she was getting alamony or not.

  2. On tv news they have said that Debbie Rowe did NOT get any alamoney from MJ. She won't need money to go to court, some crooked lawyer will take her case for free just for the publicity.

  3. Hi Kay,
    Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday wishes :)

  4. I just read that a body guard is spilling the beans about MJ having a secret girlfriend for ten years. What a mess, I just hope someone gets those children who can lead them in a good way.


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