Saturday, August 22, 2009

Am I Still In SoCal?

This has really been a strange August for southern California. Our "normal" August is very hot, usually between 100 and 110 degrees, and very, very dry. We don't usually see clouds in August, just blue sky and a hot sun.
This year our August has been cooler. We've been averaging temps of 85 to 90 degrees and we've had nice breezes. I'm lovin' this!
Yesterday I posted "cloud" photos.
Today on my walk, I took a few photographs with the camera on my phone, so keep in mind that these are not as clear as they would be if I had taken them with my Canon.

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  1. Nice weather, huh, for Southern Cal, Kay????? By the way, are you anywhere near the places where those horrible fires happen most every year????? I hope not. I see pictures of CA burning up when that happens. I hate seeing those gorgeous home on fire.

    Hope you get out and enjoy your beautiful weekend.


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