Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's quiet around here today. Don't really have much to blog about. I'm trying to catch up with some of my friends on the "Not Over The Hill' web community. Our neighbor's cat, Marmalade, is lying over by our fireplace curled up on the floor and fast asleep. They have been gone again for about 4 or 5 days and he just roams the neighborhood, so whenever we can get him inside and settled down, I feel like he is safe. Those girls should not even have pets if they are not going to be home with them most of the time.
I won't be on the computer much tomorrow, probably not until early evening, as Ben and I are taking a day-trip up to San Luis Obispo. It's been so hot here, we thought maybe going up to California's Central Coast would be a nice drive and that it would be cooler up there. We plan to walk around the Mission Plaza where the original town started, check out some of the historical sights, have lunch somewhere and then head home.


  1. My grandaughter is in the Navy in San Diego. Right now she is someone in the South Pacific, on board U.S.S.Nimitz. Her boyfriend wants to go to work for Lockheed-Martin, somewhere near Ridgecrest, California, I think. Is that the one you worked at? My son works for L-M in Ft.Worth, Texas.
    Hope you two have a good trip, and find cooler weather.

  2. Hi Kay, I hope you are out-and-about having a wonderful day. I'll bet you have your camera with you!!!! ha....

    I've known people all of my life who own animals and don't take care of them. SO sad....


  3. Hi Fances,

    For 25 years I worked at Lockheed in Burbank, CA, my last 12 years there were spent in Palmdale, CA which is near Ridgecrest, CA.



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