Monday, August 24, 2009

Spider Web

This morning when I looked out the sliding door from our bedroom, I noticed a spider web between the tree and the fence. I has always amazed me how one spider can create these beautiful works of art in just one night and how they can "string" them between to objects without touching the ground.
When I first went out to take pictures, the spider was sitting right in the middle of the web, but when it saw me, it took off toward the fence.
Unfortunately, the sprinklers came on and totally destroyed this masterpiece.


  1. VEry pretty...spiders really come out this time of year and on into fall. I guess that is why they are such a prevalent part of Halloween. ha.

  2. That spider has truly been a busy beaver (oops--I mean, spider), Kay... They are so creative. The only thing I don't like is when I walk into one by accident...Yuk.


  3. A HUGE spiderweb !
    Give 'em the chance, and they'll be another one by morning :)


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