Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do You Remember George Jones?

George Glenn Jones was born in Texas in 1931.
He received a guitar on his 9th birthday and started singing on the streets for whatever money he could get.
At age 16, George left home and started singing on a Texas radio station.
George was married 4 times, but his most famous marriage was to singer Tammy Wynette, whom he recorded several songs with.
He had a bout with booze and drugs, but finally got his life straightened out.
George is still singing and going strong today.
Some of George's songs include "White Lightning", "The Grand Tour" and "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today".


  1. George Jones is still 'big' in the Nashville area. He still sings at the Grand Ole Opry sometimes I think... Neat post, Kay.

  2. George is the greatest artist to grace the earth.


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