Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Ben and I went for a Sunday afternoon drive. Thought a few days ago that we were finally heading into Fall, but it's turned hot again here in SoCal. We hit about 97 degrees today. Took a couple of photos while we were out.

My younger brother Keith and I are going to go up to Paradise, CA in northern California in about 3 weeks to visit our older brother Ron. We keep hoping the weather will be cooler by then.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and gorgeous skies, Kay. I know you will enjoy being with your two brothers...

    We had some rain yesterday --and it's in the 70's today... Perfect!!!! Hope you get some cooler weather soon also.

    I do remember Brenda Lee. Blogger is giving me fits tonight.. SO--consider this a comment for BOTH posts (if you get this one)... Grrrrrr.


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