Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ben Is Home From Hospital

Brought Ben home. He's still bloated, but they said because he had poop from the tube in his butt in his poop bag & because he was able to go sit on the toilet @ the hospital & get some poop that they would send him home. I asked about the bloating & they said that it will take several days to go down. They said if he stops pooping again and/or starts throwing up, for me to get him back down to ER. They didn't find anything wrong except for the gas build up in his colon. He's in on the bed asleep already. He said he didn't get any sleep at the hospital.


  1. Well--I know you are glad that he is home, Kay... I hope and pray that he will continue to get better. Hope you both get some rest tonight.

  2. Hope Ben will be okay. Now I will go back and read the one about him going in the hospital.

  3. Glad he is home and I hope everything is well and he does not have to go back. I will say a prayer!

  4. Happy Ben is home and some better.

  5. Glad he was able to come home. Hope the bloating goes down quickly. Take care, Sheila


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